Small attack than Xiao Shou’s fun underwear

Small attack than Xiao Shou's fun underwear

Small attack than Xiao Shou’s fun underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has become a trend in fashion, and in sexy underwear, it is more involved in the field of men with small attacks.Many couples try to wear sexy underwear in sex to add fun and fun.But is there any difference in small attacks and small superstructured lingerie?In this article, I will discuss the differences and commonality of the sexy underwear worn by the small attack and the small attacker.

1. Style of shoulder straps and straps

Interest underwear includes rich styles, from bra to underwear, from childhood to cute to sexy and sexy, even the decoration of key parts is full of attitude.The choice of small attacks and small suits in shoulder straps and straps is different.Generally speaking, small attacks are more inclined to selectively sexy shoulder straps and straps, and pay more attention to showing muscle lines, or exquisite pattern decorations.And Xiao Shou prefers the gentle and cute series, such as pink bow decoration and lace edge.

2. Underwear choices

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The choice of underwear is key, it is related to the entire image and sexy level.There are also differences in small attacks and small suits in this regard.Small attack prefers to wear suspenders, and the color prefers cold tones and dark tones to show a mature and stable feeling.Xiao Shou is more inclined to the cute rabbit ears underwear or pink style, which emphasizes the sense of softness and beautiful girls.

3. Set the matching

The degree of cultural level and aesthetics is different, and the set of small attacks and small -loving lingerie is also different.Small attack prefers the wear of different patterns and color suits. It will add elements such as leather and metal fasteners to emphasize the feeling of toughness and sexy.Xiao Shou will choose to match a soft and cute suit, which usually choose light -colored and sweet elements.

4. Selection of the lower body

The choice of the lower body is usually underwear, and the choice of small attacks and small suits on the underwear underwear is also different.Small attacks prefer to wear men’s panties with folds and retro, which will strengthen the lower body to show muscle lines.Xiao Shou will wear more intimate underwear or T -shaped pants, which will pay attention to the lines and sexy feelings of the entire body.

5. Lace and lines

Women tend to choose the erotic underwear of lace, but small attacks have tried, but compared to small attaches, they are more low -key and will tend to be more smooth and tough.And Xiao Shou will choose a gentle lace design.In addition, the texture design is also the difference between small attacks and suffering.

6. Material choice

Material is the key to sexy underwear, which can determine the overall feeling and comfortable, so the small attack and small attacker will also be different in the material of choosing sexy underwear.Small attacks are more preferred by bright faces (PVC/PU), which looks more silky and tough.The small superstition will tend to be pure cotton or pure silk, which is more comfortable in breathing and higher softness.


7. Selection of color

The advantage of sexy underwear lies in her high saturation, from nude to cool colors, and there are differences in the selection of small attacks and small suffixes.Small attacks prefer dark tones, dark blue, deep purple, etc., which will make muscle lines more prominent.The small superson is preferred by the color and light colors, usually pink and purple.

8. Tight -fitting choice

The special nature of erotic underwear determines that her version and tightness are extremely important.Small attacks tend to be more close and tight -fitting versions, which highlights the lines of body muscles, and is visually tough.The small superstar is relatively more comfortable and more relaxed, more loose, showing a more smooth feeling of softness and waist lines.


Wearing a sexy underwear, whether it is a small attack or a small one, they pay more attention to their sexy and the tacit understanding with the other party.Of course, in terms of sexy underwear, everyone has their own unique taste and preference. Some people prefer simple and atmospheric designs, while some people like fancy and gorgeous styles.Different choices represent the aesthetics and personality of different people.Therefore, in terms of sexy underwear, the most important thing is to find your own style and taste, and find the right person to enjoy a beautiful sex life together.