Stockings cheongsam sexy underwear

Stockings cheongsam sexy underwear

Introduction: Go from cheongsam to sexy underwear

Stockings cheongsam sexy underwear, this seemingly strange combination is one of the popular trends in the underwear market.As a special type of underwear, sexy underwear is often regarded as a taboo or mysterious existence.However, not only cute, charming or sexy women can experience the various feelings it brings.In this article, we will introduce the stocks and cheongsam sexy underwear to share how to choose it, wearing it, and resolving some common problems.

What is the stress cheongsam sexy underwear?

Stockings cheongsam sexy underwear is a special style that combines cheongsam, stockings and sexy underwear.Different from traditional cheongsam and stockings, it blends the two together and shows the sexy of women.

How to choose a style that suits you?

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First, it is important to choose a style suitable for your body and style.If you are beautiful, you can choose a tight -fitting style to show a bumpy body; if you are fat, you can choose a slightly loose style to cover some not perfect places.

Secondly, you can consider choosing a style with pattern, which can be more eye -catching.Red, black and white are the most popular and suitable colors, but women boldly try other colors are also very attractive.

How to wear stockings cheongsam sex underwear?

The most important thing about wearing stockings cheongsam is to show women’s figure and sexy charm.First of all, you can choose to cooperate with high heels to make your posture more beautiful. Secondly, you can use the jewelry exposed to the skin to add some classical style. Finally, confident smiles and sexy Attitude are also crucial.

How to resolve common problems?

When wearing stockings cheongsam sexy underwear, some common problems also need to pay attention:

1. Don’t comfortable to wear: It is very important to choose the style of good quality and comfortable fabric to ensure that there is no discomfort and itching.

2. Show imperfect: If you want to cover some of the not perfect places, you can choose a slightly loose style.

3. Livestock feels heavy: try to avoid wearing too exaggerated or bright colors, choose classic red, black, and white styles.

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How to maintain and clean?

Maintenance and cleaning stockings cheongsam sexy underwear must be cautious.You can use hand washing with cold water juice and do not rub it hard.Using professional detergents, or a small amount of soapy water is also a very feasible choice.

Suitable group

There are dual elements of pure and sexy, suitable for women of all ages.Whether there are boyfriends or married women, or business women or housewives, you can try this sexy style.


Stockings cheongsam sexy underwear is a wonderful and easy -to -wear sexy underwear type.They have different styles, which can be used to express the different charm and personality characteristics of women.With these knowledge and skills, you can choose one that suits you, put on it, show your sexy charm, and become the focus of the men’s men.