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Why does sex underwear need to protect the crotch?

Interest underwear is an inseparable part of modern people’s lives. It is not only a tool for satisfying sexual needs, but also a symbol of fashion.However, due to the existence of secretions during sexual life, underpants will usually have problems such as odor.Therefore, the crotch function of sexy underwear is particularly important.

Materials for crotch sex lingerie

When buying sexy underwear, choose a comfortable and soft product.Because the crotch protective underwear requires good breathability, it is recommended to buy high -comfortable materials such as cotton and silk.In addition, when you buy, you should see if there are styles with antibacterial and deodorization functions, so as to ensure the durability and experience of the product.

Crotchy underwear style

There are many different styles of crotch sex lingerie, but the most important thing is to choose the type that suits you.Some people like low waist underwear, and some people like high waist underwear. These need to be selected according to personal preferences and figures.In addition, there are some special functions, such as mezzanine, dual layers and elastic types, which can improve the comfort of the underwear.

The color of the crotch sex lingerie

When choosing a sexy underwear, color is a very important consideration.Generally speaking, light -colored underwear is easier to see the effect of washing and maintenance than dark colored underwear, but it is also more likely to be left traces of blood and secretions.Therefore, it is recommended to choose dark underwear so as to avoid the existence of traces.

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

The washing and maintenance of sexy underwear cannot be washed like other clothes.First of all, you should avoid using too irritating washing powder and bleaching agents, which will cause damage to the materials of the underwear.

Secondly, cold water should be used when cleaning the underwear to avoid using hot water to avoid shrinking pants.Subsequently, the soft agent should be used to maintain the softness of the underwear.

Finally, pay attention to lower the temperature when using a low -temperature iron to avoid damage to the underwear and melting.

Crotchy sex lingerie wearing skills

The exquisite crotch sexy underwear can also wear different styles with your mood.For example, you can choose low -waist underwear when wearing low waist pants. You can choose high waist underwear when wearing long skirts, so that you can make yourself different and comfortable.

Criminal protection crowds of crotch underwear

Not only sexy lingerie, many underwear styles on the market have the function of crotch protection.However, many people do not have this need.Therefore, when buying crotch panties, you need to choose whether you need it according to your own situation.For example, some women who have diarrhea, menstrual period, pregnancy period, and abortion need to use crotch underwear because of more secretion.

How to avoid the expirement of the crotch sex lingerie

The shelf life of sexy underwear is very short, usually only two to three months.Therefore, before buying, you must see the product’s production date and shelf life to avoid purchasing expired products.At the same time, pay attention to regular replacement when using to avoid long -term wear.

Pay attention to the cleaning of crotch sex lingerie

For the cleaning method of the crotch panties, special attention should be paid to the use of professional cleaning agents. Specialized crotch -protective underwear cleaning agents should be used, and local cleaning is required.Keeping the underwear is also very important, avoiding tide and smell.

The price of crotch sex lingerie

The price of crotch lingerie on the market ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.The higher the price of underwear, the better the material and the more advanced functions, but it is not to say that the high price must be good. You should choose the right underwear according to personal needs.


In short, when buying crotch -protective panties, you must choose the right style, material and function according to your own needs.Whether in manufacturing, materials and use, we must pay attention to keeping clean and comfortable.I hope this article can help you and better understand the crotch care panties.

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