Taobao sex lingerie shop owner selfie

Taobao sex lingerie shop owner selfie

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become the choice of many people. It is not only convenient, but also more affordable than physical stores.However, when browsing the Taobao sex lingerie shop, you often see photos taken by the owner. What should these photos look at?

The authenticity of selfie photos

The authenticity of the self -portrait sexy underwear shop owner on Taobao is a question that many people care about.Some customers have questioned that these photos may be plagiarized from other platforms or websites, or they are beautified by modification.

References for selfie photos

Although selfie photos may be beautified or created a false impression, as a reference, the owner’s selfie photos still have an important role.These photos show the real dressing effect of sexy underwear, which can help customers know more intuitively if this underwear is suitable for them.

Photo style and underwear style combination

When taking selfies of the owner of the shop, some stores will also choose to match different colors or styles to highlight the characteristics of underwear.However, this kind of photo may cause the problem of the true effect of the underwear and the effect of the photo, which requires customers to pay attention when buying.

Selfie photo shooting skills

To take good photos of sexy underwear, photography technology and shooting environment are key.The owner needs to prepare before shooting, choose the right shooting environment and equipment, and take high -quality photos for his underwear works.

Clothing of selfie photos

Selfie photos of sexy underwear are indispensable for clothing matching, which can not only set off the characteristics of the underwear, but also better show the owner’s temperament.However, pay attention not to be too gorgeous or too fancy when matching clothing, and do not affect the customer’s attention to the underwear itself.

In the photo, the owner’s body and temperament

In the selfie photo of sexy underwear, the body and temperament of the owner are also important considerations.The owner needs to show his unique temperament while wearing a sexy underwear, so that customers have a better impression on the underwear itself.

Learn from the selfie photo to understand the owner

The owners of sex underwear show their unique style through selfie photos, which can also allow customers to understand the store from the photos and have more trust and resonance with the store and underwear products.

The star effect of selfie photos

Some of the favorable sex underwear owners with a certain reputation have a certain star effect and can attract more attention and attention.Although this method does not necessarily apply to all the owners, for those owners with unique charm, this way of selfie photos is a good choice.


Although there is a problem of authenticity of the selfie photos of sex underwear owners, it has greatly helps customers to understand the wearing effect of underwear and have more resonance on the owner.When buying, we need to pay more attention to the quality of the underwear itself instead of only attracted by photos to ensure the quality of the shopping experience.

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