Taobao shop selling sexy underwear

Why do you want to sell sexy jackets

The market for sex underwear has always been relatively stable, and there are many market demand.Not only are couples buying between couples, but merchant sales are also long -lasting.And the threshold for selling fun underwear on Taobao on Taobao is relatively low, and the initial cost can be controlled within a certain range.

Study market demand

Before opening a store, it is important to understand market demand.Analyze the interesting underwear categories of competitors, understand who the target customers are, and set up a certain purchase budget and sales target, properly promote the promotion, and promote sales growth.

Choose high -quality suppliers

Choosing high -quality suppliers is a key step in selling sexy underwear.By choosing an experienced manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure reasonable competitiveness.It is also necessary to communicate with suppliers and negotiate and cooperate.

Optimized store page

The design and beauty of the store have a great impact on customers’ desire to buy.Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the details, fonts, patterns and other details, and spend some time and energy on page design.And optimize the store operation interface, so that customers can quickly and conveniently find what they need.

Improve customer purchase experience

Provide customers with a more convenient experience when purchasing is a necessary condition for increasing sales.To this end, it is recommended to provide customers with a good experience in after -sales service.After the after -sales service of returns and exchanges, logistics and distribution, etc., the customer satisfaction has been improved.At the same time, customers will help the purchase and size selection of sexy underwear.

Use social media promotion

For new stores, social media advertising costs are relatively low.Under the circumstances of new opening, you can promote it to the existing audience and choose some pictures about sexy, interesting, and luxurious as promotional photos, which is conducive to the brand’s cognitive and image creation.

Provide purchase discount

Special/time -limited discount activities have the ability to attract potential customers. It is recommended to consider repeatedly organizing such promotion activities.The purpose is to guide customers to buy your sexy underwear on Taobao to expand the brand’s influence.

What should I pay attention to when selling sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a commodity category that is open and hidden. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issues of relevant regulations during operation and promotion to prevent the adverse consequences caused by laws and regulations.

Reasonable purchase volume and inventory management

The inventory of the management of sexy underwear can refer to the preliminary sales when opening the store in the early stage. The purchase volume should be appropriate to avoid the "slow -selling goods" crowded in profit, strengthen the turnover of funds, and pay attention to price fluctuations.Reasonable inventory management can help sellers reduce frozen inventory and increase inventory of circulation.

Shop evaluation

For Taobao stores, store evaluation is an important indicator for judging sellers.Therefore, it is essential to actively communicate with customers and get feedback information in time.For customers’ feedback, continue to optimize products and services.


In the process of selling sexy underwear, continuously explore and innovate, improve the quality of sellers’ product services, and jointly create the development of this market.As long as the operation is continuously optimized, providing high -quality sexy underwear, a more comfortable shopping experience for consumers, and continuously improving store scores. It is believed that the scope of selling will definitely become wider and wider, and the profits will become higher and higher.

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