Teacher sex lingerie story

Places where dreams start

When I was a elementary school student, my teacher told me that everyone had a dream, and my dream was to become a sexy underwear designer.My teacher, let me see my dream.

The first contact with sexy sheets

Like many girls, I am very concerned about underwear.At that time, I found that there were some strange underwear in some specialty stores, which were more sexy and attractive than ordinary underwear.I asked the clerk what they were, and the clerk told me that they were called sexy underwear.This is the first time I have come into contact with "erotic underwear".

Enter the industry

Although naughty and active, I love to be boys, and pink underwear like ordinary girls is not my dish.I entered a brand of sexy underwear to become sexy underwear. Since then, my sex designer professional path.Here, I suddenly fell in love with the sexy underwear industry, and I also saw another world.

Inspiration of sexy underwear

The sexy lingerie styles, materials, colors, patterns, supplementary materials and materials that are thought to be when they understand love underwear.In particular, materials, colors, auxiliary materials, etc. will become very colorful due to different situations such as customer class, albums, professionalism.In my opinion, the real sexy underwear should have innovation and inspiration, fashion attitude, not just a small amount of sexual or casual design.

Design and production of sexy underwear

Designing erotic underwear is a very professional field. It is necessary to understand the details of the human body, as well as sexy and comfortable tailor -made.So I was diligent in learning, learning the basic knowledge such as the contour, proportion, and texture of the human body, as well as the techniques such as fancy stacks, long -term seams, non -trace sutures, and tailoring.Immediately after, I learned various underwear making tools such as CAD.

Sales and promotion of sexy underwear

The sales and promotion of sexy underwear are also part of sexy underwear.Understand market demand, conduct market forecast analysis, and formulate targeted sales plans, these are the core of sexy underwear sales and promotion.The cost of this part is relatively large, so the price of sex underwear is generally higher.

Falling underwear maintenance and use

The maintenance and use of sexy underwear is also very important.First of all, its material is more refined than ordinary underwear, and it needs to take care of it.Secondly, because of its special purpose, it should also pay attention to some details, for example, problems such as washing machine washing and drying cannot be used.

The prospects and trends of sexy underwear

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the opening of sexual concepts, sexy underwear is no longer unacceptable to some people, and it has gradually been accepted by the society.Interest underwear has developed into a fashion, and its market demand is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, the prospects of sexy underwear are very broad.

The happiness spring of sexy underwear

In my career, I got a lot of happiness and happiness, because my work made my customers feel more comfortable and confident.Seeing the customer’s satisfied smile also made me feel happy and proud.

Maintenance and development of sexy underwear

From a elementary school girl to the current sexy underwear designer, I think the charm of sexy underwear cannot be blocked.As practitioners in this industry, we should continue to learn, explore and innovate, and continue to create more creative and fashionable sexy underwear, and carry forward our profession.

The above is some of my views and experiences of the sexy underwear industry. I hope to inspire everyone.

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