Tengzhou Quota Lingerie Shop location

The location of the location of Tengzhou Fun underwear Shop location

Choosing a suitable location is important for sexy lingerie stores, because whether you can become the first choice of consumers depends on whether your shop can attract their attention.Here are several points for site selection, please read carefully.

A large area of people

Choosing a large area of traffic is a good choice, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, pedestrian streets and other places.These places have a large traffic that allows more people to see your shop and attract more potential customers.However, it should be noted that when choosing, you must choose some high -end shopping malls and supermarkets to attract more consumers with more purchase capabilities.

List of convenient transportation

Whether it is driving or taking public transport to buy sexy underwear, customers want convenient transportation.Choosing to open a store in a bustling area or transportation hub can greatly facilitate the travel of customers and make them easier to buy.

Near the hot spot around the surrounding area

It is also a good choice near the hot area.For example, close to the entertainment venues such as bars, dance halls, theaters, etc., it can greatly promote consumers to notice your shop, and come to buy some sexy lingerie after the entertainment is over to increase the revenue of the store.

Areas far away from competitors

Choose a area with a distance from competitors.The competitors are too fierce and easily causes sales to decline, but the distance is too far, because the competitiveness is too low and it can easily lead to insufficient sales.To spend additional funds next to the competitors in the areas of more active business to set up sexy underwear stores, it can increase the probability of customer choice.

Site selection advantage in the underlying area

For sexy underwear shops, the underlying area is actually a good choice.These areas are relatively low in rent, and the scale is also large, which is suitable for the location of sexy underwear stores.Although the bottom layer seems to reduce brand value, the positioning of sexy lingerie stores is easy and lively. Therefore, selecting the site in the underlying area can attract young and elderly customers to buy.

Considering the location of the community and the surrounding business districts

It is also a good choice to open a sexy underwear store in a community or surrounding commercial districts.This method can accurately lock the target customer group among nearby residents and workers, which is convenient for customers to buy. In addition, social forces such as social organizations, streets and other social forces can be used to carry out promotion.

Select areas with distinctive characteristics of crowd

Choose areas with distinctive characteristics of the population, such as surrounding universities, young people gathering areas, and so on.There are different consumer groups in different areas. Choosing to open a store in a clear consumer group can better and more directly promote sales.The distinctive crowd characteristics can be promoted and advertised targeted, attracting more customers to buy.

The advantage of opening a separate store

Although the operating cost of independent store opening is slightly higher than other stores, the advantages of opening a store alone are also obvious.Your shop decoration can be more likely, can better reflect your taste and style, and then highlight the brand value and attract more customers.In addition, opening a store alone can better reflect professionalism, allow customers to trust stores more, and enhance customers’ willingness to buy.

Overall consideration when choosing the site

When choosing a location, it is necessary to consider the location of the sex underwear store in the entire market, the status of competition in the same industry, and also need to make decisions based on their own experience and abilities.


A good location location can attract consumers into the store, thereby increasing sales and popularity, so it is important to choose a good location.However, in different cases, the main points of selection are different, and you need to make decisions based on your actual situation.Hope that the above content can help you make the right decision.

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