Test erotic underwear video

Test erotic underwear video

When buying sexy underwear, video demonstration is an important source of data.It allows you to better understand the fabrics, tailoring and appearance of underwear.But do you know how to test the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear videos?This article will explain some points to help you buy the best sexy underwear.

1. Video image clarity

The first point is to ensure that the video screen has a high definition.Photography must pay attention to light control, especially when shooting the details, must have sufficient light irradiation to avoid blurring and ensure image quality.

2. Tailor display

The tailoring of sexy underwear is an important indicator of the appropriate size, so the video should show the details of the tailoring of the underwear in all aspects.Shooting from all angles, including the cutting effect of the chest, waist, and hips.In this way, you can more accurately determine whether the size is suitable.

3. Details close -up

It also needs to pay special attention to details, which is the key to distinguish between advantages and disadvantages.The video should show the details of the underwear, including lace, embroidery, lace and other decorative parts.These details will affect the overall appearance, and it can reflect the conscience design and production of underwear.

4. Fabric report

The fabric is one of the reasons why sexy underwear is ranked first. The video must introduce the types, characteristics and comfort of the fabric.Especially in summer, underwear with high frequency of use requires better breathability, and fabrics need to have sweat absorption and sweats and deodorization.

5. Very important details in adult clothes

It also needs to pay attention to the details. The sexy underwear and ordinary underwear are different, and the sexy is more publicized, so video production needs to organically integrate sexy factors into the details of the underwear.How to highlight sexual characteristics in the display is a key ability.

6. Demonstration of wear

Different ways of wear can bring huge differences to different body types. Video can demonstrate the style and style of wearing sexy underwear in different people.This will help consumers better understand the plasticity and variability of underwear, stimulate imagination, and enhance the purchasing power of underwear.

7. Video time length

Another factor affecting the purchase decision is the duration of the video.If the time is too short, the underwear is not fully displayed, and the key features of underwear cannot be accurately understood.And too long, it will make viewers feel tired and anxious.Generally speaking, the length of the video is more suitable for 2-3 minutes.

8. Conscience design

When designing sexy underwear videos, the producer must take into account the needs of consumers.In addition to showing sexy and beauty, we must also pay attention to product quality, quality and style. These are considered by design solutions.The sexy underwear video of a conscience must be designed from the perspective of consumers. From the most basic style to the most detailed interior, the internal and external decoration, fabrics, cutting, wearing, and other key characteristics of the underwear.

9. International brand

Finally, it should be noted that choosing sexy underwear brands with international brand certification, such as Viapia, Gogobaby, Japanese TOKYO LOVER, from the German brand SHEQU. They have a complete manufacturing process and detection system to ensure that consumers buy high -quality and environmental protection., Healthy sexy underwear products.


When choosing sexy underwear, the most important thing is how to choose a suitable underwear and the existence of sexy underwear videos, which can provide consumers with very useful reference materials.Through the equipment and methods displayed by video, we can better understand the creative design, fabrics and tailoring of the underwear, and then make a choice.The carefully made video design brings users quality and professionalism, and also establishes a better image for the brand.

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