The best sales channel for sex underwear

The best sales channel for sex underwear

Online sales channel

With the continuous development of the Internet, online sales channels have become the choice of more and more sexy underwear brands.In online sales channels, brands can display products on major e -commerce platforms, social media, self -operated websites and other channels, and increase exposure and website access through search engine optimization and other means.At the same time, online sales channels can also directly reach potential customers across the country, breaking regional restrictions and increasing sales volume.

Offline physical store

Despite the rise of online sales channels, offline physical stores are still the best choice for sex underwear brands.Choosing standardized storefronts, good after -sales service, physical trial penetration, and the diversification of the customer group of sales products have become the main reasons for the online market to adhere to the offline market.

Social platforms

With the continuous popularization of social networks, sexy underwear brands have begun to focus on establishing word of mouth and connections on social platforms.On the one hand, excellent marketing strategies through social platforms can promote brand exposure and increase their popularity and reputation.At the same time, the interactive chain of product promotion and promotion, promotion, interaction with consumers will increase the creativity, novelty and attractiveness of original content.

TV shopping channel

TV shopping refers to the use of TV media, using TV programs as a carrier, by showing products for the audience, introducing and selling products in the TV program, allowing the audience to directly purchase the product sales methods through telephone, online, SMS and other methods.This method is more effective for the marketing of sexy underwear products, because the special nature of the product itself determines that it is not suitable for playing in conservative TV ads, but the open nature of the TV shopping link allows the sexy underwear brand to promote its own products andIncrease its dividends.

Word of mouth

Consumers’ demand for the special field of fun underwear generally does not speak directly, but passes through the mouth of the mouth.This method is a low -cost marketing method. Although it cannot be widely promoted and increased brand awareness, it can increase the brand’s reputation and loyal fan groups.When consumers buy their favorite erotic underwear and feel satisfied, they are willing to verbally recommend them to their friends, relatives and others to become the brand of the brand. Afterwards

Gift promotion

Whether it is online sales channels or offline physical stores, promotional activities have always been one of the important means of sexy underwear sales.Gift promotion, as a strong promotional means of activity, pushes specific erotic underwear to consumers through the form of small gifts, sex products, etc.This method increases the gameplay and fun of shopping, attracting more potential customers to pay attention to sexy underwear products.

Cooperate with KOL

Cooperate with Kol (Key Opinion Leaders), that is, cooperation with well -known beauty bloggers and fashion experts with social influence and discourse rights to bring sexy underwear products into their original fan groups.It is precisely because the audience is huge that the effect of brand promotion can be guaranteed.In cooperation with KOL, on the one hand, if you choose well, you can get good publicity at a relatively low price. On the other hand, good user reputation can also play a role in propaganda.

Sexual supplies e -commerce platform

Sexy underwear products are closely related to sexual supplies. Many consumers also buy sexual supplies while buying sexy underwear.Therefore, choosing to open sales channels on the sexual product e -commerce platform can cover consumers to groups that maintain the demand for sexy underwear and sexual supplies, thereby driving the sales quota.At the same time, because of the high threshold of the sexy underwear, the competition is small, which has increased sales opportunities.

Sexy underwear studio

The sexy underwear studio has become a new and quiet sales channel.The studio can not only provide customers with a high -quality shopping environment, but also create opportunities for new sex brands.Some erotic studios have founded enterprises themselves, expanding their brands on the basis of sales, and have become unique existence on the consumer market stage.


The existence of various sales channels provides more business challenges and opportunities for the sexy lingerie brand.Brand companies consider the market and customer groups they face, and it is necessary to choose appropriate sales channels.These sales channels can choose to play different effects in combination with different timers, so that products can make more suitable users know, know, and buy.

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