The boss asked the secretary to wear a sexy underwear to work


A female secretary suffered an improper request of a boss and asked her to go to the company to work in a sexy underwear.This behavior is obviously illegal and immoral, but many people still have misunderstandings about the concept of sexy underwear, thinking that it is just a sexy pajamas.In fact, sexy underwear is a special dress with cultural background. It contains many elements, such as clothing design, physical aesthetics, cultural identity, etc.In this article, we will explore the definition, type, and usage of sexy underwear to help everyone better understand it.

Definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is usually used to enhance the visual and touch effect during sexual experience.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to appearance design and material choices, and at the same time, it is more prominent in terms of visual effects.At the same time, sexy underwear also focuses on interaction with the body.In other words, sexy underwear is not just a kind of clothing, but also an interaction and emotional expression with the body.

Sex underwear type

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types. Each type has different design styles and use methods, including the following: the following:

1. Ordinary sexy suits

Ordinary sexy underwear is used to enhance women’s sexy underwear. It usually uses lace, silk, perspective network and other materials, but it is more traditional and conservative than sex underwear in color and style.

2. Bottom pants and conjoined jacket

Bottom pants and conjoined underwear are a wrapped underwear, which are often used in the occasion of playing professional female characters.Their design styles are usually conservative, but they have high requirements for body lines.

3. Ying season underwear

Underwear designed according to seasonal needs should be designed according to seasonal needs.For example, underwear in summer usually uses breathable materials and refreshing colors, while winter underwear focuses on warmth and comfort.

4. Micro underwear

Micro underwear, also known as ultra -micro underwear, usually uses lace, perspective network and other materials, and is used as a tool to show the body curve.Its design style is bold and avant -garde, and is considered the most challenging of sexy underwear groups.

5. Playing needs

Playing the need to combine underwear and role -playing.The need to be divided into different roles, such as nanny, police, doctors, etc.You can choose according to your own interests and needs.

How to use sex underwear

The use of sexy underwear has various ways according to different situations and needs.

1. Increase interest

Interest underwear can increase the interests between husband and wife, and increase the interaction and experience between the two.By wearing a sexy underwear, the body curve can make the body curve more prominent, more attractive, and more sexy, which helps increase the interaction and impulse of the two in sexual intercourse.

2. Special occasions

Sex underwear can also be worn on some special occasions, such as party, concert and other activities.In these occasions, wearing sexy underwear can increase personal self -confidence and make yourself more charming and outstanding.

3. Balanced emotion

Interest underwear also has a balanced emotional effect in life.When facing life or work pressure, wearing sexy underwear can relieve stress and relax and relax the body.

4. Painting or decoration

Interest underwear can also be used as a body decoration.In some special activities, such as pool party, beach carnival, etc., you can use painted or decorative sexy underwear to increase personal charm and vitality.


In this article, we explore the definition, type, and usage of sexy underwear.By understanding love underwear, we can better understand the culture and significance behind it.Of course, we must also be alert to some immoral behaviors. For example, the boss requires female employees to wear sex underwear to work as illegal and immoral. We should inform relevant departments in time and avoid similar incidents.

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