The daughter -in -law wears the stall sex underwear

The daughter -in -law wears a sexy underwear to make life more exciting

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern sex, and the opening of the sexy underwear makes sexual life more exciting.So, what is the sexy underwear?Why is it exciting?The next step will be answered in detail.

What is the sexy underwear?

Open sexy underwear is a small mouth in the key parts to achieve more irritating purpose.This underwear style, such as split type, open -loop, happy type, etc., each with its own characteristics, making people unlimited.

How can I get excited about the sexy underwear?

Open -file sexy underwear can make people’s orgasm stronger, allowing partners to enjoy a more exciting and wild sex life.Moreover, women who put on the sexy underwear will feel more confident and sensitive, making sex more beautiful.

What are the styles of sexy underwear?

Open type: There are two small mouths on both sides of the lower body, showing the female arc of women, making people feel fascinating.

Open loop type: There are two rings on both sides of the lower body, surrounded by romantic lace one by one, making people look upside down and can’t help but find out.

Happy type: In the lower body part deliberately leave a careful area, for a moment, it will make people want to integrate into it to master it.

Who is suitable for wearing sexy underwear?

In fact, anyone can wear a sexy underwear. Whether the married couple wants to increase sexual stimuli, or single men and women seeks a higher quality of sex, they can choose to open the sexy underwear.

What should I pay attention to when buying a sexy underwear?

When buying a sexy underwear, you must first choose the appropriate size. You must ensure the balance of comfort and sexy degree, and properly handle the relationship between the two.At the same time, you must choose a style that suits you. Considering the taste of yourself and your partner, choose the most suitable one.

How to match the stalls in the stall?

Paired with open -stall underwear to increase sexy sexy.For example, it can be paired with high heels to stimulate the strong visual impact of the partner and make sex more wonderful.In addition, you can also use sexual whip, handcuffs and other clothing to make sexual life more exciting.

How to maintain a sexy underwear?

Opening gear lingerie is a high -end fashion brand. It needs to be cleaned with a professional washing solution. It cannot be soaked in water for a long time to avoid wearing it for a large number of activities.In addition, be careful when wearing, so as not to pull hard, so as not to destroy the beauty and sexuality of the underwear.


Open -file sexy underwear can increase the fun of sexual life, but it should be noted that in normal sexual life, it is necessary to maintain appropriate laws and control.Open -gear sex underwear cannot replace good sexual tools. Don’t rely too much, and have a sober understanding to better enjoy sexual life.

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