The difference between sexy underwear video men and women


Interest underwear is not only a exclusive field of women, but men can also enjoy the fun.Especially in sexy underwear videos, the difference between men and women is even more prominent.The following will analyze the difference between men and women’s sexy underwear videos from the aspects of material, style, gender tendency.


Women’s sexy underwear video materials are usually materials that can emphasize women’s soft curves, while men’s erotic underwear videos pay more attention to skin intuitive observation.Men’s sexy underwear video material has a certain sense of charm, but it maintains practicality.


In terms of styles, women’s sexy underwear videos pay more attention to the design of lace red bras, black mesh tops and other types of appearance design, while men’s sexy underwear videos are more inclined to maintain simplicity.Men’s sexy underwear video style is generally based on slightly closing, slim T -shirts and underwear series, maintaining simple and elegant appearance design.


Color is another difference between women’s sexy underwear videos and men’s sexy underwear videos. The color of female brands is mostly red, black, purple, dark blue, etc., reminiscent of the romance and mystery of the night;The black and white gray is the main color, and the color of gray and black is full of indescribable temptation and charm.


Women’s sexy underwear video pays more attention to design elements such as exposure and checkered lines.Men’s sexy underwear video is relatively low -key in this regard.Women’s sexy underwear videos show more skin and more eye -catching, while male sexy underwear videos hold conservative character, and less exposure makes men’s sexy underwear a subtlety and charm.

The difference between gender tendency

Men’s sexy underwear video is usually a variety of Boxer and Jockstrap named after HUNK or Beefcake.These styles are strong and stable, and they usually do not have too many patterns and exposure.Different from this, women’s sexy underwear videos often have beautiful lace edges or pearl decorations to highlight women’s softness and beauty.


Women’s erotic underwear videos pay more attention to the beautiful curve of the body, and usually have S ~ XXL tailor -made size; and men’s erotic underwear videos pay more attention to the comfort of ergonomics and thickness, and usually have the size suitable for various body shapes.

The tolerance of sexy underwear

Different gender characteristics of men and women are well displayed in the specific design of sexy underwear videos.The tolerance of women’s sexy underwear is higher than that of men’s sexy underwear, which can accommodate many people with different figures. Men’s sexy underwear will be designed based on ergonomics and sports convenience.Essence

Use of the occasion

Because the design of men’s erotic underwear videos is relatively simple, it is suitable for usage in ordinary wear.Women’s sexy underwear videos are more suitable for romantic interpersonal occasions, such as dating, marriage and private places at night.

Difference between price

Because women’s sexy underwear video brands are usually tailor -made in S ~ XXL, complicated brocade craftsmanship and smaller design budgets are often higher than men’s sexy underwear.Men’s sexy underwear is mainly based on simple ingredients, and usually the price will be more affordable.


There are many differences in design in men and women’s sexy underwear.Women’s sexy underwear video focuses on romantic, charming and soft appearance design and wearing experience, while men’s sexy underwear videos focus on practicality, simplicity and inclusiveness.However, when choosing sexy underwear, personal taste and hobbies are the most important considerations.

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