The intention of her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear

Why do boyfriends buy sexy underwear?

When her boyfriend takes the initiative to buy sexy underwear for his girlfriend, many girls will be confused and doubtful about it.So, what is the intention of buying a sexy underwear?

Increase interest and fun

Men usually have a strong interest in visual sexual stimulation. Interest underwear provides a new way of visual enjoyment, adding a mystery to the girlfriend, thereby increasing interest and fun.

I like my girlfriend when wearing sexy underwear

Another reason for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear is when he likes his girlfriend when he puts on.Interesting underwear makes her girlfriend look more charming, bringing a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction to her boyfriend, and can also increase interest and fun.

I want to add some freshness to the bed

My boyfriend wants to try something new and want to add some freshness in bed.Interesting underwear adds a fresh and exciting feeling for her boyfriend and girlfriend’s sexual life, and better satisfies the impulse in sex.

I want my girlfriend to feel the feeling of being desired

Another reason for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear for his girlfriend is to hope that his girlfriend can feel the feeling of being described by him.Wearing sexy sexy underwear, his girlfriend will be more confident and feel his charm and attractiveness.

Want to tease and sensation

Interesting underwear makes her girlfriend more sexy and charming, so that her boyfriend has the desire to tease and sensational. This emotion and physical response allows both sides to enjoy sex more passionately.

Increasing the stimulation and changes of sexual life

Another important reason for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear is to increase the stimulation and change of sexual life.Interest underwear can break the dull and tedious sex life, increase new sexual experience and stimulus, and further enhance sexual experience.

Want to taste the forbidden fruit

Another reason for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear for his girlfriend is to taste the forbidden fruit.Putting on sexy underwear makes his girlfriend more tempting. This taboo feels that her boyfriend feels that she has her whole body, and it feels very exciting and beautiful.

Want to enhance and soft relationships

Boyfriend’s purchase of sexy underwear also helps enhance and soft relationships.This relationship may be closer and intimate, because the bodies of both sides are closer and contact, and they will also increase trust and respect between each other.

Provide a girlfriend with better choice and personalized services

The sexy underwear market and products are becoming more and more abundant. Boyfriend can buy personalized sexy underwear for his girlfriend to show his care and attention to his girlfriend.At the same time, she can also provide her girlfriend with more choices and more personalized services to make her feel love and care.

in conclusion

There may be many reasons for her boyfriend to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends, such as increasing interest and fun, wanting to tease and sensational, want to increase stimuli and change, eager for girlfriends to feel the feeling of being desired, and so on.Here, we must not just emphasize the purpose of the man, but also need the understanding and support of his girlfriend.In sexual life, respecting each other and communicating more, there will be a better experience.

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