The president takes me to buy sexy underwear

The first time I buy a sexy jacket

When we dated, the president suddenly proposed to buy sexy underwear.I was still a little shy at first, but thought that this might be a reflection of the closer relationship between us, so I agreed bravely.

Entering sex underwear shop

When I walked into the store, I couldn’t help but be attracted by the design and atmosphere here.There are all kinds of sexy sexy underwear in the window, and curiosity is even stronger.The clerk in the store greeted him enthusiastically to help us introduce and recommend products.

Learn different styles

The clerk introduced us different sexy lingerie styles, such as lace, silk, transparency, etc.They also explained in detail the characteristics of each style and suitable wear occasions.I also learned more about the knowledge of sexy underwear.

Select color and size

It is also important to choose the color and size of sexy underwear.The clerk told us that black and red are classic colors, and most people are suitable.In terms of size, choose the size corresponding to your body as much as possible.

Suitable for different figures

Everyone’s physical form is different, and the suitable sexy underwear is also different.The clerk tells us that a variety of different types of figures have corresponding sexy underwear. For example, people with large breasts can choose V -shaped clothes, while people with small breasts can choose clothes with cushion.

Buy suitable accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear are equally important, such as embroidery and lace.At the suggestion of the clerk, we purchased the accessories suitable for us to make the sexy underwear more perfect.

Test clothes and effect

Trying sexy underwear is necessary.The clerk took us to the clothes room to provide us with professional advice.After trying on, we are very satisfied, because sexy underwear shows our figure perfectly.

Purchase price

The price of sexy underwear is different.The clerk tells us that the quality and materials of different prices of different prices are also different. We can choose according to our own budget.


The president took me to buy a sexy underwear is an extraordinary experience.Under the guidance of a professional clerk, we learned about different styles, colors and sizes; and purchased suitable accessories and prices.After wearing sexy underwear, our figure is more perfect and adds more interest and passion.


Buying sexy underwear is a very private thing, but under professional guidance, we can get better suggestions and choices to better show ourselves.Don’t be shy, walk into the sex underwear shop, make yourself more free, independent and sexy!

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