The sexy underwear bought online is not washed

The sexy underwear bought online is not washed

With the rise of the e -commerce industry, online shopping has become our increasingly important way of shopping.Not only is fast, but more importantly, the price is cheap, especially the sexy underwear. The price is more favorable for physical stores.However, when buying sexy underwear online, you must pay attention to its hygiene issues.This article will introduce the various problems that have not been washed online in online shopping underwear in detail.

1. Open inspection

After receiving the sexy underwear, the box should be checked as soon as possible to see if there is any flaw.If you have defects, contact the seller for exchanges or refund in time.If there is no flaw, the next step is washing.

2. Before washing

Before starting washing, remove the tag on the sexy underwear and tie the hooks of the underwear so that it will not be stuck or wrapped around other clothes in the washing machine.

3. Washing method

During the washing process, be sure to be carried out according to the label on the underwear.Under normal circumstances, it is best to use a hand -washing method for sexy underwear. Do not use a washing machine.

4. Washing agent

In order to protect the texture and color of the underwear, it is best to choose a special underwear detergent to clean the appearance. At the same time, you can also use soap or shampoo as a substitute.Do not use bleach or soft agent to avoid damaging the material of the underwear.

5. Water temperature

When selecting water temperature, pay special attention to the temperature range indicated in the label on the underwear.In most cases, warm water is the best choice and can effectively remove stains.

6. Low temperature drying

When drying, you should choose a low temperature method and place it on the dismantling underworld to ensure the shape and quality of the underwear.

7. Disinfection treatment

Considering that sexy underwear is usually difficult to eliminate bacteria, it is best to use certain disinfection measures after washing, such as placing in the sun and exposing sun exposure.

8. Change the frequency

Interest underwear is a personal item. Before the use of people other than themselves, it must be thoroughly cleaned, and it is best to replace the frequency.

9. Pay attention to hygiene

During the usual dressing process, you should also pay attention to the hygiene of underwear, such as preventing sweating or dripping from dripping, and timely replace or clean the underwear.

10. Summary

When buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the hygiene of underwear.Be sure to clean and disinfect, pay attention to replace the frequency, and usually pay attention to the hygiene of underwear.Only by doing this can you ensure your health while enjoying sexy underwear.

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