The sexy underwear of my husband sent his wife

The sexy underwear of my husband sent his wife

Sex underwear is an enhancement of the charm of the characters, and is an important part of sex games and romance.When your husband gives you a sexy underwear, you will feel special.However, choosing sexy underwear may become difficult.Here are some tips to make your journey more pleasant and easier.

1. The size must be correct

When selecting the size, please make sure you can customize it.The size of the sexy underwear is different from the conventional underwear size. It is usually smaller, so it is recommended to choose a slightly larger size so that the sexy underwear will not be too tight or not suitable.

2. The choice of color is important

When choosing colors, because of its own nature, sexy underwear is usually more inclined to black, red and transparent.Red represents passion and emotions. Black represents maturity and mystery, and transparent colors will give people a sense of seductive and romantic.

3. The choice of materials is the key

Interest underwear should use comfortable fabrics, such as cotton or linen fabric is a good choice.If you have doubts about the choice of fabrics, please consult the sales staff.

4. Black lace sexy underwear

Black lace sexy underwear is a very popular style because it exudes a sexy and mature atmosphere.Lace material can increase the charm of women.

5. Sexuality and Funny Underwear

Sexuality and interesting underwear make people unable to ignore the charm of the body.It is a transparent or grid -made underwear that can see the skin through it.This sexy underwear shows the courage and sexy of women.

6. Tight leather sexy underwear

Tight -fitting leather sexy underwear brings people an avant -garde and extreme feeling.It makes women look powerful and independent, and this sexy underwear is suitable for people who love strong sex.

7. Speed up sexy underwear

The split sexy underwear makes people think of women’s tenderness and tenderness.It is usually an ordinary underwear, but there is a small incision in the middle, which expose the legs and show the sexy and charm of women.

8. Even the body fun underwear

Even physical underwear is a whole body -style clothing. As the name suggests, it is different from other underwear, and shows sexy and confidence to the wearer.

9. Butterfly knotting sexy underwear

Butterflies and sexy underwear are a kind of sweet female love. It is neutral, which immediately shows a mature temperament, and it can also show the sweet and cuteness of female characters.

10. Viewpoint

Sexy underwear is a symbol of sexy sexy. Wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can make yourself more confident and charming.Husband’s sexy underwear to his wife is a way to show deep love and care. It is not only a gift, but also a way of interactive. It can stimulate sexual passion and romance between husband and wife, and make sex more perfect.

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