The temptation of body sex lingerie

1. What is a physical sex underwear?

Even body sex lingerie (BodyStocking) is a sexy and innovative sexy underwear. It is characterized by covering the entire body and similar to tights.Its outer layer is mesh transparent gauze, and the inner layer is vacuum lace, lace or other materials.They are usually integrated designs, without splitting or separation components.Even the body sex lingerie can show the perfect body curve of women, and can also cover the part of the wanting to block. It is a perfect choice for showing sexy and mysterious.

2. Even the style of the sexy underwear

Even the style of body sex lingerie is like other sexy underwear, with countless types.Common styles include lace, gradient color, multi -layer lace, mesh design and open crotch.There are also some specially designed sexy underwear, such as cat women’s physical sex lingerie and doctors’ sexy underwear. Their design is more creative and interesting.

3. Even the material of the body’s sexy underwear

The material of the body’s sexy underwear is usually soft, comfortable yarn, nylon, lace or silk.The quality and grade of these materials are directly related to the comfort and appearance effect of even body sex underwear.Some special materials are used in some special materials, such as feathers, sequins and beads.

4. Even the size of the sexy underwear

Even the size of the body sex underwear is usually very flexible, because the conjoined design does not need to consider the problem of splitting or separation.Most conjoined erotic underwear is compressed and reduced, so it is more suitable for women with good figures, especially women with perfect curves.However, there are also some sexy underwear for larger size or specific body shape.

5. Even the way of dressing underwear

Even the dressing underwear is similar to tights.They usually need to take off their underwear and pants (except for the open crotch style), put the entire body into the body’s sexy underwear, pull the crotch and tie the band in the necessary part.It is relatively complicated to wear, and you need patience and practice.

6. Combine the combination of physical erotic underwear

Even the matching of body sex lingerie needs to consider the clarity and consistency of external decoration.Usually it is necessary to match high heels, straps, steel ring underwear, accessories and makeup.It is worth noting that without experienced women need a thorough understanding of the details and techniques of the matching underwear matching.

7. Applicable occasions of physical erotic underwear

Even physical underwear is suitable for all occasions, such as romantic Valentine’s Day, celebrating the anniversary of the wedding, party or any occasional occasions that need sexy charm.You can wear it with your partner, you can show sexy, elegant and mysterious atmosphere.

8. Even the maintenance of sexy underwear

Even the maintenance of sexy underwear should be particularly careful.Because they are worn on the body, they should pay special attention to hygiene before cleaning. Hand -to -hand can avoid damage caused by physical sex underwear when cleaning.If you need to use a washing machine, first turn the underwear to the inside to avoid getting the ball, pulling hair, broken hook and damage.Do not use any chlorine bleach or strong cleaners.

9. Even the value of body fun underwear

Even the value of body sex lingerie is far more than its price.It represents the sexy, charm and confidence of women. When putting it on it, women will feel that they are more beautiful, sexy and confident than usual.It will provide women with a brand new perspective, hypnotize you to explore your beauty.

10. Give full play to imagination and further improve your dress style

Every woman can show her unique style and charm under mysterious sexy underwear.Not only can show a sexy body curve, but also the mystery and imagination of women.In any case, you must be full of confidence and courage to put on your own sexy underwear!

Conclusion: Even physical and sexy underwear is a very special one in women’s underwear. It not only reflects the charm and sexy of women, but also allows women to show their own charm.When you choose your favorite conjoined underwear and put on it, you will find that your world has become more colorful!

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