The wedding lover bought me sexy underwear for me

Extra -weddings send me sexy underwear

I met a man a year ago, and under his enthusiasm and consideration, I started an extramarital affairs.They have many lack of warmth and care between husband and wife, and he also gave me some gifts, including interesting underwear.For these things, I have always been inadequate and insufficient, so this is the first time I have received such exaggerated gifts.Below I will share my experience and ideas.

Fashionable appearance

Interest underwear is different from traditional underwear. It can not only be used as a daily necessities, but also serve as a fashion brand.You do n’t need to be too stubborn and color before buying sex underwear. You can choose which color and style of the opposite sex to attract according to your body and personal preferences.The sexy underwear I gave me this time, due to other fit colors and design styles, such as the dark red chest, there is no extra lace and decoration, the overall is simple, which meets my personal requirements for clothing.


Interesting underwear is different from ordinary underwear. Its tightness is very high, and it has a naked hormonal atmosphere, so it is difficult to ignore the wearing experience.For me, the first time I was wearing was very comfortable.Although it looks very exposed, I not only feel very safe because of the appropriateness of materials and closely, but I can also show my unique charm confidently.

Sexy touch

The main feature of sexy underwear is sexy, so the touch after wearing must be matched with sexy.I have to say that for myself, the touch of this underwear on the skin is very soft, and it is very suitable for girls with sensitive skin.Seeing that the upper body of this underwear is very sexy, it also means that the underwear needs to be extra careful when wearing and taking off, so as not to destroy the gentle bond between it and the body.

Practice method

Because sexy underwear is often composed of sexy details and simple details, it is necessary to adjust a little bit when wearing, and the different points are different.For this problem, you need to adjust according to your own habits and body arcs, so it is recommended to choose a fitted underwear to improve the collection of the chest and side.If you choose unprofessional and experienced manufacturers, it is difficult to get satisfactory results and quality of materials, and the sexy underwear given to me this time is obviously very professional and tasteful.

Details that need attention

Pay attention to some small details in sexy underwear.For example, you cannot shake around in front of outsiders, nor can he expose the bottom when he walks around.In addition, if you choose to make a barefoot posture, you have to pay special attention to whether your own underwear is completely compatible.Reasonable accessories and underwear are also a very important part, not only to enhance sexy, but also help physical health.

Interests of sexy underwear suitable

Interest underwear is a underwear wearing private occasions, such as in the bedroom, or in contact with the lover, it can be a dance robe, or it can be touched, or even the tongue.Special underwear you arrive.For these, you can have the right to choose.However, if you choose the non -Putong field to attend, especially some noble banquets, you cannot play in sexy underwear, so as not to have embarrassment and inappropriate behavior.

The most important sexy wisdom

The erotic underwear made me feel a charming, soft but sexy atmosphere.But if you want to truly improve the charm of the body, you must pay attention to hygiene, cleaning and maintenance.Only in this way can we truly show the most beautiful power to our body.

Viewpoint: Wearing sexy underwear is a stylish and modern lifestyle. It can improve physical charm and self -confidence through appropriate choice and proper wearing methods.But it is not suitable for all occasions and all mental states. It needs to be cautious to choose and use before it can play the best results.

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