There is a zipper under the sexy underwear

What is sexy underwear with zipper?

Interesting underwear with zipper is a unique design of sexy underwear.Its uniqueness is that there is a zipper part of the underwear, usually located in the hips or crotch.This design is both beautiful and practical, and can meet personalized needs.

Which people are suitable for?

The fun underwear with zipper is suitable for those who like to challenge themselves, and it is also suitable for couples who are used for sex life.In addition, it is also suitable for women with thin body and less fleshy lower body, which can help increase hips visually.

What are the styles?

Interesting underwear with zipper, rich in style.Some are only zippers in the hips, others have zippers in the crotch, and some have zippers before and after.In addition, there are some erotic underwear designing the zipper in front of the chest or behind, which not only has an open temperament, but also can play a role in breast enhancement and convex back.

How to wear it?

When wearing a zipper sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Before wearing, you need to adjust your posture to prevent zipper from rubbing the skin.

If it is the first time wearing, it is recommended to be equipped with some lubricant to increase comfort.

If the panties are tightly opened, it may cause discomfort.At this time, you need to adjust the tightness to ensure comfort.

What brands?

At present, many brands on the market produce sexy underwear with zipper, some of them include Yandw, Tuomeier, Tomoroom, etc.These brands are designed according to consumer demand and fashion trends, and their quality and styles are different.

How to choose the right size?

When choosing a zipper sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the size of the underwear.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to choose a suitable size underwear according to indicators such as height, weight, buttocks to ensure comfort and closeness.

How to maintain it?

Pay attention to the following points of sexy underwear with zipper:

Avoid friction and tear, avoid cleaning of washing machines with excessive power.

Avoid high temperature or sun exposure to prevent color fading or zipper deformation.

It is recommended to use professional sexy underwear cleaner or mild soapy water for cleaning.

How to match clothing?

Interesting underwear with zipper is usually not suitable for directly out of the door, but it can reflect fashion and sexy by matching clothes.For example, with a tulle short sleeve, mini skirt or tight jeans, it will be more charming.

The price range of the sexy underwear with zipper?

The price of interesting underwear with zipper is different due to the differences in brands, styles, fabrics, etc.Under normal circumstances, the price is between 50 yuan and 200 yuan.If it is some high -end brands or special materials, the price will be relatively high.


Interesting underwear with zipper is a sexy avant -garde underwear style.Putting it can satisfy sexy and free luxury life.However, it should be noted that it is important to choose a suitable size and correct cleaning method.Don’t affect your comfort and lingerie life because of negligence.

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