Three lines of sex lingerie card yin clothing

Three lines of sex lingerie card yin clothing

Sex underwear generally refers to the more sexy and personalized underwear products in color and style.Among them, the card Yin dress is a relatively special style. The design is characterized by setting 3 lines on the head of the pants, which can play a role of stuck the genitals.The following is a detailed introduction:

What is the card Yin outfit

The design of the cards is inspired by the traditional sexual tools, which can enhance the function of adult products.In the underwear product, the role of the cards is mainly to set up 3 lines on the head of the pants, which can play a stuck germ, so that they are closer to the body and increase sexual pleasure.

Suitable crowd

Because of its design characteristics, it is more suitable for women with abundant sensitive areas, including women with outstanding private parts or women who like high -intensity stimulation. Of course, it is also suitable for women with sexual experience.

What do you need to pay attention to when wearing a card yin

Choose a stuck in a well -intensity of the trouser head, and it should not be worn for too long.If it is always used, it will affect and stimulate the genital parts, which will affect reproductive health.In addition, when you buy, you need to pay attention to the appropriate size of the size when purchasing. Excessive or too much will affect the comfort of wearing.

Pay attention to hygiene issues

Underwear products are relatively private clothing in life, so it needs to be kept clean at all times.Card Yin costume is no exception.When choosing, you need to choose high -quality materials with anti -bacterial and breathable. Wash it in time after wear to ensure cleanliness.

How to choose Card Yin

First of all, you need to choose a size suitable for your body size. You must not be too large or too small, otherwise you may have discomfort when you wear it.Secondly, it is important to choose better quality and breathability.Finally, according to individuals’ needs for Card Yin, choose the strength that suits you, and you cannot choose too close styles, especially for the first time.

Card Yin clothing belongs to special underwear

Card Yin clothing is a relatively special underwear style. Unlike ordinary underwear, you need to choose carefully. You also need to pay attention to the health of your body.For those who are wearing for the first time, it is not recommended to choose a tight style, and it is also recommended to pay attention to the reaction and discomfort during the use process.

Effect and psychological impact

Using the cards to make the genital parts more compatible, enhance the sense of stimuli, and achieve a deeper emotional experience between sex.At the same time, because of the sexy charm of design, it can bring a more positive sexual psychological experience to the wearer, increase self -confidence, and benefit physical and mental health.


Card Yin is a relatively special underwear style, which is a good choice for people who like to try new styles.During use, you need to pay attention to hygiene and physical response, and you must not be too frequent or use dense styles.Choosing the right card yin costume can bring improvement in sex experience, and it is also beneficial to self -confidence, physical and mental health.

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