Training MU Women’s Double Flying Instead Fairy Underwear Novels

Training MU Women’s Double Flying Instead Fairy Underwear Novels

On a silent night, some addictive men and women often try various sex games together to increase each other’s taste and sex.In sexy underwear, Shuangfei is yearning for many men and women. Today, let’s talk about the sexy underwear in the story.

Paragraph: Background Introduction

In this story, the actor is a man who likes sexy lingerie, and the heroine MU woman is a sexy and aggressive woman.One night, two of them had a wonderful experience.

Section 2: MU Women’s Sex Lingerie

That night, Mu women wore a set of charming erotic underwear. The lace lace on the chest was very cute, and the hips were even more hooked, especially the cutout design below was very sexy.

The third paragraph: the desire of the actor

Seeing this sexy and charming MU female, the desire of the actor began to become irresistible.He couldn’t help but want to explore further, trying to find MU women’s sexy heart, making her more relaxed and enjoying her sex.

Fourth paragraph: the beginning of Shuangfei

The leading actor couldn’t bear to watch the Mu woman enjoying sex alone, so she began to try to get close to the Mu female.The male lead and the female lead are wearing charming erotic lingerie, and they can feel the body temperature and heat of each other. This feeling is very exciting.

Fifth paragraph: interaction between the two sides

Both men and women were immersed in the charm of sexy underwear and began in -depth sexual interaction.Both of them are very interested in sexy underwear, so in the process of exploring and discovery, they explored each other’s deepest and ambiguous promises.

Paragraph 6: Two people perfectly cooperate

The two are getting more and more games, and they seem to have more satisfaction.Men and women have cooperated with each other’s desires and needs, exploring each other and perfectly comfortable to get the perfect joy and satisfaction under the sexy underwear.

Seventh paragraph: the climax of both sides

Both of them perfectly reached the climax and met each other’s needs, and the actor felt very satisfied.Mu women love this man deeply and are willing to show him a variety of sexual performance.

Paragraph eighth: Summary

There are many types of sexy underwear, and everyone has their own special preferences.This story shows that in the world of sexy underwear, the actor and heroine cooperate with each other to cooperate and explore each other, and fully reach the important point, thus gaining the best joy and satisfaction.If you want to try such a night, try to find a partner that is consistent with your sexy imagination and sexual desire.

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