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Sex underwear is a fashion culture in modern society. It allows people to better experience the pleasure of sex and increase the interest of sexual life.As a traditional Chinese costume, Hanfu can show classical beauty.This article will introduce a unique sexy lingerie style -translucent Chinese sexy underwear, bringing you a different cultural experience.


The transparent Hanfu sexy underwear is made of translucent fabric and the elements of Hanfu. It can increase a sexy and mysteriousness while retaining the traditional aesthetics of Hanfu.Hanfu elements include horizontal stripes, pairing, diagonal steps, and long sleeves, highlighting the connotation and inheritance of traditional culture.


The color of semi -transparent Han clothing sexy underwear is generally dark red, dark blue, black, and purple. These colors have strong Chinese traditional colors and are very recognizable.Too bright color will destroy the sexy and mysterious feeling, and too dim and lose the charm that attracts people’s attention.


The size of the transparent Hanfu sexy underwear is generally small, with the purpose of showing the sexy curve of women and enhancing the temptation of beauty.Therefore, pay attention to the matching of the size when buying to better reflect the designer’s intention.


The fabric of the transparent Hanwear sexy underwear is generally soft and comfortable texture such as lace, silk, and gauze. These fabrics make the underwear have better breathability and comfort, and also make the underwear a more pure feeling.


The transparent Hanfu sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in a romantic situation, such as Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day.At the same time, it can also be used as sexy performances to show women’s charm and sexy power.

With suggestions

The transparent Hanfu sexy underwear with high heels, stockings and other sexy elements can show women’s sexy and charming, while improving the proportion and charm of the figure.You can also choose simple accessories, such as roses, to enhance the romantic sense of the situation.


When washing, the translucent Hanfu sexy underwear should be taken to avoid mechanical washing, and gently rub it with your hands to avoid damage to the underwear.At the same time, the translucent underwear should not be exposed to the sun in the sun, and it should be dried in a ventilated and dry place.


The price of semi -transparent Hanfu’s sexy underwear is high compared to other erotic underwear, because it integrates the concept of Hanfu’s cultural concept, it requires more ingenious design, as well as better fabrics and craftsmanship, but it is still worth buying.


Through the introduction of this article, we learned about the transparent Hanfu sexy underwear, a unique sexy lingerie style.Whether in terms of design style, fabric selection, advice and occasion selection, women can reflect sexy and charming, and increase the interest of sexual life.When choosing, you must choose according to your own situation to increase your self -confidence and charm.

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