Tutor wearing sex underwear

Tutor wearing sex underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can add fun and excitement to sexual life.Selecting and wearing sexy underwear correctly can make you more confident, more sexy, and more attractive.Let me share the tutor wearing a sexy underwear.

1. Select the style according to the body type

Different figures and personality need to choose sexy underwear that suits you, such as bras, thongs, love pants, bellybands, etc.If you have a full body, then the bra is a good choice.If it is flat or small chest, it is also a good choice to choose lace BRA or Push Up BRA.In addition, you also need to choose the appropriate size, you cannot choose too tight or loose sexy underwear.

2. Color according to the skin color

Different skin tones can be matched with different wear effects.If your skin tone is lighter, it is recommended to choose imitation leather products, black or light sexy underwear, which will give people a mysterious and tempting feeling.If your skin is darker, it is recommended to choose a brighter underwear to highlight the natural health of the skin color.

3. Select the style suitable for the occasion

Different occasions need to choose different styles, such as banquets, nightclubs, family parties and romantic dating.If you are attending banquets or ladies dinner, it is recommended to choose more elegant styles, such as mummy, spider webs, etc.If you are a family party or romantic dating, you can choose the easier styles such as lace, thongs, etc.

4. Pay attention to the hygiene of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear, and it is necessary to pay attention to use and maintenance.First, clean up before use to avoid bacteria.Secondly, in the process of cleaning, the sexy underwear needs to be treated separately to avoid confusion with other clothes.

5. With suitable shoes

With the right shoes, you can make your dress more fashionable and perfect.Putting on high heels can not only highlight your figure, but also add a lot of points for your wear.

6. Reasonable use of sexy underwear auxiliary products

Sexy underwear auxiliary products, such as tight bodies and fake bellybands, should not be used frequently.They cause irreversible injuries to the human body.

7. Pay attention to the imitation of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear in the market, but it should be noted that the quality of some sexy underwear is extremely poor, and it is easy to expose after wearing, which affects beauty.

8. Choose a style that suits you

Different people will have different personality characteristics, so they can choose suitable styles according to their own personality.For example, if you prefer a sweet style, you can choose a suspender -style erotic pajama or bow, bow, lace and other sweet elements.

When wearing sexy underwear, it is important to note that sexy underwear is to show the sexy curve and charm of the human body, not to cover the body.Therefore, it is important to note that do not choose overweight or light transmittance, let alone wearing a sexy underwear that does not match your own body shape.

In short, wearing sexy underwear is a way of life.Proper choices and sexy underwear can add a confidence, charm and good feeling to the human body.Find a sexy underwear that is best for your style and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life.

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