Underwater Beauty Character Character

Underwater Beauty Character Character

As people’s openness gradually increases, sexy underwear has also become part of daily life.In special occasions, such as underwater photography, swimming, diving and other activities, many women want to wear sexy sexy underwear to show their charm, but this also brings some problems.This article will introduce the types, materials, suitable occasions and maintenance methods of underwear underwear.


The types of sexy underwear in the water are roughly the same as that of ordinary sexy underwear, including bra, underwear, conjoined clothes, slingbie, etc. There are many styles and styles to choose from.In addition, because the color of the water is softer, the underwater beauty underwear is usually brighter and softer than ordinary sexy underwear, such as fluorescent green and rose red.


The material of the underwater beauty underwear should be used with good water permeability, such as lace, satin, tropical plant fiber, etc.At the same time, due to the water pressure and water flow generated by underwater photography and swimming activities, the material is required to have a certain water resistance to prevent loosening or damage to clothing.


Underwater beauty underwear is suitable for many occasions such as underwater photos, swimming, diving, etc.Wearing sexy underwear can make women show their sexy charm and increase the fun of activities.

With suggestions

The matching of underwater beauty underwear needs to consider its color, style and shape.Generally speaking, the more vivid colors will be better in the underwater environment. At the same time, the style should be simple and generous to avoid excessive decoration and details affecting its aesthetic effect.For matching accessories, it is recommended to choose lace gloves, transparent character drags, etc. to echo the color and style of sexy underwear.

Maintenance method

The maintenance of underwear underwater beauty underwear is slightly different compared to ordinary erotic underwear.After use, it should be placed in a well -ventilated place, and it should be dry naturally in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.At the same time, because underwater activities are often accompanied by harmful factors such as seawater and rapids, professional detergents are recommended to clean them to extend the service life of clothing.

Size purchase

The purchase of the size is the key to making the underwear of underwear more beautiful underwear. When buying, you must ensure that the underwear is properly fit and the body. It should not be too tight nor too loose.If the size is not appropriate, it will reduce its comfort and also affect its appearance effect.

Brand recommendation

There are many underwater sexy underwear brands such as Lanzi, Jolidon, Trux, etc.It is recommended to choose well -known brands to ensure the quality and guarantee of materials and comfort.

Pay attention

When using a beautiful underwear underwater, you should pay attention that you should not be worn in places with a large amount of traffic, so as not to cause discomfort from others.At the same time, do not perform diving, snorkeling and other activities without familiarity to avoid dangerous accidents.In addition, professional underwater photography equipment should be used, and professional photographers should be used to shoot to achieve better results.

Price range

The price positioning of underwater beauty underwear is relatively high, generally between 300 and 800 yuan, and its price is related to the brand, style, material and other elements.For example, TRUX’s underwater sex lingerie series, the price ranges from 3 to 600 yuan, while Lanzi’s products are relatively expensive, the price is 5-8 hundred yuan.


Underwater beauty lingerie can make women show their most beautiful side in various underwater activities. If you choose properly, it will add more fun and passion for underwater activities.However, in the process of use, we must also pay attention to the corresponding taboos to ensure the safety and comfort of the activity.

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