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Underwear Beauty: How to choose a underwear style that suits you

Underwear is a necessity for every woman, but how to choose the style suitable for you is a question that requires some professional knowledge.Here are some suggestions for choosing underwear styles.

Appropriate cup size

The size of the cup is closely related to comfort.A suitable cup will make you feel comfortable, confident, and make your chest more beautiful.Before buying underwear, be sure to measure your bust and lower bust, and select the appropriate cup size according to the size.

Different styles of underwear

There are many different styles of bras to meet different occasions and needs.For example, bras, no trace underwear, sports underwear, etc.Choosing the right underwear style can make you more confident and feel more comfortable.

Stockings: sexy and indispensable

Stockings are necessary for women in many occasions.Whether you are at work or leaving a party at night, a pair of fresh stockings can make you feel confident and increase your sexy charm.

Different types of stockings

There are many different types of stockings, such as meat -colored stockings, black stockings, hollow stockings and so on.Choosing the type of stockings that suits you depends on the occasion and personal preferences, but you must pay attention to quality, comfort, and avoid discomfort such as allergies.

Interesting underwear: make you more confident

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear, which is generally used to increase human sexy charm.Interest underwear usually has exquisite design, which will make women feel more confident and enhance teasing fun.

Different types of sexy underwear

There are many different types of sexy underwear, such as sexy lace underwear, leather underwear, lace diamond underwear and so on.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you depends on your personal style, creating your sexy, increasing your charm.

European and American sex lingerie: test the values between bridges

European and American sexy underwear is very different from the sexy underwear in Asia.Some styles and styles may challenge personal values and traditional concepts.When buying European and American sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider the impact on personal values.

Underwear maintenance: make your underwear longer life

Appropriate underwear needs suitable maintenance to ensure longevity of underwear.When cleaning underwear, pay attention to cleaning according to the requirements of the laundry label, and avoid excessive use of detergents to avoid damaging the fabric.

Underwear match: Choose the right underwear and coat

The correct underwear can make your coat more beautiful and reflect your high grade.For example, when wearing a white T -shirt, you should choose a skin color or fleshy underwear and avoid any dark or colorful underwear.


Underwear is a beautiful password for women.Choose the underwear style that suits you and maintain your underwear. The correct underwear matching can make you more beautiful and confident.When choosing European and American sexy underwear, you must consider the impact on personal values, maintain your own unique style, and enjoy your beauty.

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