Video of wearing a sex underwear process

Video of wearing a sex underwear process

In recent years, sexy underwear has become the most popular trend of women because it can make women more confident, beautiful and sexy.If you are not sure how to wear sexy underwear, don’t worry!We will provide you with a video guide to help you wear sexy underwear with confidence.

1. Find the right style and size

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your body size and choose a style that suits you.Finding the right size and style is the basic step of wearing sexy underwear.

2. Select online sexy underwear

Don’t want to go out shopping?Don’t worry, you can choose to choose sexy underwear online now.To buy online, you can easily try on at home, compare and choose your favorite underwear style.

3. Clean sexy underwear

You need to clean it after buying a sexy underwear.When cleaning sex underwear, first check the washing instructions on the underwear label.If the underwear is best to wash, clean it with warm water and special detergent, and dry it after washing.

4. Preparation before wearing sexy underwear

Before wearing sexy underwear, apply perfume or body lotion to increase sexy atmosphere.This can help you feel more confident and increase your charm.

5. Wear bray underwear

First wear bras underwear.Unlock the underwear hook, put it in from the back, and adjust the position and tightness of the bras underwear with the shoulder strap to ensure that it perfectly fit your body.

6. Wearing underwear underwear

Wearing underwear underwear needs to be cautious.For G string or thong, the underwear is fitted along the hips, fixed the position, and then adjusts the position of the leg to ensure that the underwear is appropriate in the position of the waist and hips.For briefs, ensure that the bottom pants are fully covered with the hips, and the position is adjusted with both hands.

7. Dress even body sex underwear

Even the wearable wearables require some skills.First wear underwear bottom pants, then pull the conjoined underwear on the body, and carefully adjust the position of the shoulder strap, chest cup and crotch.Finally, check whether the even body underwear is closely fit and whether it is appropriate.

8. Add decoration

Once the underwear is completed, you can use sexy high heels, lace gloves, eye masks and other decorations to increase your adult’s interest charm.


Wearing sexy underwear can help women feel confident and beautiful.When you choose and wear the right sexy underwear, it will become your good helper to increase sexy.If you still feel unconfident, we suggest that you follow the guide given to this article to wear your favorite erotic underwear.

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