Want to wear sex underwear to surprise your husband

Want to wear sex underwear to surprise your husband

Want to surprise your lover?Why not let your charm further improve and wear sexy sexy underwear?Although these underwear may look a bit terrible, they will definitely bring you an unexpected effect and make your lover burn.In this article, we will explore how to choose the type of sexy underwear that suits us, and how to make them best play a role.

1. Understand your figure

Before trying sexy underwear, you need to understand your body.There are many kinds of women’s figures. Different figures need different underwear to highlight the advantages and cover the shortcomings.Not only do you need to consider your chest size, you also need to consider your body proportion and which parts are worthy of prominent.If you have a professional underwear consultant, it will be very good.

2. Learn different types of sexy underwear

It is crucial to understand different types of sexy underwear.There are many different styles to choose from, such as: sexy, forward splits, vests, bikinis, and various materials and colors.Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and atmosphere, so it is important to choose the correct type and style.

3. Fewer styles and deeper cut lines

The more sexy sexy sexy underwear is usually relatively small, and the cutting line is deeper.If you want to show your sexy side, then you need to choose some more challenging styles, such as lace, transparent, mesh, and so on.But please note that if you are too playful, you will have a negative impact on the outside world, especially in public.

4. Soft and better

When you choose sexy underwear, the soft material usually makes you more comfortable and more suitable for intimate contact with your partner at night.Try to choose lace underwear or cotton underwear to get a better feeling.

5. Pay attention to color

Of course, color is also very important.The combination of color and texture is the key to surprise.Such as: black color sexy underwear usually produces mystery, pink, white, etc. produce different effects.

6. matching

When choosing underwear, you usually need to consider whether it can match your accessories.For example: with embroidery veil, high heels, etc.They can increase interest or produce some alternative surprises.

7. Design

Design is also an important factor.There are many design of sexy underwear. Generally speaking, if you want to achieve a different effect, you can try some colorful designs, such as: lace, bow, lace lace, and so on.

8. Confidence and smile are the tricks of sexy

Of course, when wearing sexy underwear, you need to have certain confidence and charm to maximize this effect.Although some sexy underwear will increase your confidence and sexy degree, the most important thing is that you must have confidence and smile.

9. Find a trusted brand

It is very important to choose a reputable brand when looking for sexy underwear.This can ensure that you get high -quality products and good customer services.

10. Follow your own feelings

Of course, the most important thing is that you must follow your feelings and choose a sexy underwear that suits you best to produce the best effect.Sometimes, it is not necessarily the style that can produce inspiration, but to see what kind of sexy underwear you choose to choose, the most suitable for your appearance and temperament.

In short, there is a series of tasks to choose a perfect sexy underwear, which requires you to explore in your own way.You can study your body and the types of sexy underwear, and choose your underwear color and material to enhance your charm and attractiveness.So far, you will be a more confident and self -conscious woman, a woman who can bring a lot of surprises.

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