Watching the sexy underwear worn by the ex -girlfriend

1. The sexy underwear of the ex -girlfriend

Memories are a double -edged sword, which can make you feel sweet and heartache.Recently, I received a package containing some sexy underwear that my ex -girlfriend sold to me. Looking at these clothes that once belonged to her, I was a little panicked.

2. Red sexy underwear

I remembered that time she was wearing the red sexy underwear on my birthday party, which was the time when we were just together.This dress once made me intoxicated and sad.

3. Black sexy underwear

And that time she was wearing a black sexy underwear to surprise me. I still remember her smile and surprise. At that time, I thought it was the best moment in our love.However, now these clothes are just past. Without the support of feelings, they have become meaningless.

4. Sexy underwear of special use

In addition to some conventional sexy underwear, there are some sexy underwear that requires special uses.Those who make people look shiny, but more are ridiculous and absurd sexy underwear, which makes me think of those crazy days we have experienced.

5. Pink erotic underwear

Of course, I have to mention her favorite pink sexy underwear, which makes her look more cute and sexy.Now want to ask her if she still loves pink, but unfortunately there is no communication between us, and I have to keep the problem in my heart.

6. Goodbye sexy underwear

When I looked at these sexy underwear, I thought of throwing them away as soon as possible.However, it is not a good way to solve any problems.In the end, I decided to collect these sexy underwear as a commemoration of our time together, and as a farewell to declare that we have ended our feelings.

7. Sexy underwear world

Interest underwear is a very large world with a variety of styles, colors and materials.Everyone has their favorite style, and my ex -girlfriend and me are no exception.The sexy underwear she likes is somewhat different from my taste, but this does not prevent us from spending good time together.

8. The mind is connected to each other

The relationship between us has ended, but I still hope that the soul between us can be connected to each other, no matter what the past is.Although these sexy underwear has become the past, these memories will not disappear because of their disappearance.I found a plan that hoped that it could help me surpass the past and move towards a new life.

9. Facing the future

We cannot stay in the past, nor can we indulge in memory.We must look forward to the future.Although we lost some things, we also have a lot of opportunities and possibilities.I believe that as long as we maintain a positive attitude, we will definitely find a new start.

10. Viewpoint

Although these sexy underwear no longer associates with our feelings, I will still cherish the good times they represent.I believe that these clothes will have their unique significance and value in the corners of my collection.

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