Wear sex underwear and sit on the elevator

Wear sex underwear and sit on the elevator

Elevator is one of the indispensable means of transportation in our lives. When we enter the elevator, many people will not pay attention to their wearing.For women wearing sexy underwear, they need to pay more attention.This article will introduce the precautions of wearing a fun underwear to take the elevator.

Appropriate underwear style

Wearing underwear is a necessity of every woman.When choosing underwear styles, you should choose a style that suits you, which is comfortable and fashionable.However, when taking the elevator, it is recommended to choose a style with higher comfort and better exhaust resistance.This is particularly important for women in sexy underwear.

Avoid public places

The sexy underwear is very beautiful and sexy, but it is not suitable for wearing in public places.Although the elevator is not a public place, it is recommended not to show the situation where you wear sexy underwear in the elevator.

Avoid contact with strangers

The personnel in the elevator are relatively special, and sometimes strangers or crowds may be crowded together into the elevator.Women wearing sexy underwear should try to avoid contact with strangers and produce unnecessary contradictions or controversies.

Choose the appropriate occasion

Wearing a sexy underwear will make yourself more confident and more charming.In the elevator, you can choose appropriate occasions to show your beauty.For example, riding an elevator with your partner can make yourself more attractive.

The color should not be too bright

There are many colors of sexy underwear, but wearing in the elevator, it is recommended to choose not to be too bright.Because in the elevator, it is easy to be the focus of people’s attention. If the color is too bright, it will leave an unnecessary impression.


The matching of sexy underwear should be conflicted with clothes instead of conflicting.When matching, it is recommended to choose harmonious and reasonable clothes.Wearing in the elevator in this way can not only show personal temperament, but not to make others feel discomfort.

Pay attention to the texture of the clothes

The texture of sexy underwear is important.Some erotic underwear materials are not breathable and easy to produce odor. It is recommended not to choose these materials when wearing in the elevator, so as not to leave a bad impression.

Pay attention to time selection

It is also important to take the elevator.During the period when there is a lot of traffic, it is recommended not to wear sex underwear to enter the elevator to avoid unnecessary problems with crowds with others.

Avoid fixed posture

Wearing sexy underwear in the elevator should avoid a fixed posture.Because certain postures may misunderstand others, unnecessary guess or absurd.Therefore, try to maintain a quiet and natural posture in the elevator.


You need to pay attention to many aspects when wearing erotic underwear.Pay special attention to selecting underwear style, clothing, selection period, and avoiding public places.On the one hand, it is for their own safety and respect, and on the other hand, it is also for respect for others.Everyone has a way to express themselves and show charm. Wearing sex underwear is one of them, but the noble quality of respecting others and avoiding excessive self -display is also what we need to remind ourselves at all times.

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