Wear sex underwear boyfriend

Wear sex underwear boyfriend

Every girl wants to have a perfect boyfriend and pursue a romantic and sexy experience.Interest underwear is such a artifact that can ignite love and improve sexy experience.Wearing a sexy underwear with her boyfriend to spend a better time, it not only improves self -confidence for many girls, but also allows them to stand out from many competitors.Let’s discuss how to choose and wear sexy underwear.

1. First understand your body size

Wearing erotic underwear can make your body more prominent, and at the same time you can hide your parts you don’t like.However, to do this, you must know your body size.The correct body size means correct fit.For many girls, the size of the sexy underwear purchased is usually smaller than daily.When buying sexy underwear, please refer to the manufacturer’s size table to avoid wrong purchase.

2. Choose the type that suits you

There are many style of sexy underwear, such as bras, lace coats, sexy pajamas, leather clothing, and so on.The personality of each girl is different, and choosing the type that suits you is the most important.If you are a quiet and elegant girl, choosing a lace jacket can highlight your coquettishness.If you are a vibrant girl, you can choose a more confident and sexy image with a visual impact of leather clothes.

3. Selection of colors and materials

Color and material are an important part of sexy underwear.Some girls may want to wear black or red sexy underwear to show their sexy, but this is not a correct choice.In fact, with colorful sexy underwear can better add color and vitality to you.Regarding the material, choosing a soft and smooth texture usually improves the comfort of wearing, such as lace, cotton and silk.

4. Keep confidence

Wearing a sexy underwear does not just mean that you have to become more sexy and fascinated.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence, which is also a process of welcome challenges and investment comparisons.Wearing erotic underwear means that you have enough confidence to express yourself and learn to enjoy a beautiful sex experience.If you feel shy or unconfident, remember that you are beautiful and you deserve to be loved.

5. Confirm whether your boyfriend likes

Even if you are very confident and want to show your charm, but if your boyfriend doesn’t like what you want, this will only destroy a romantic and sexy atmosphere.In this case, please open and honest dialogue with your boyfriend, understand his preferences, and help each other to ensure that both people can enjoy this beautiful experience.

6. Ready to enjoy

Then you have made everything ready, now you are enjoying this beautiful experience.You have done most of your jobs in sexy underwear.The key is to relax yourself, enjoy dialogue and time, and fully experience good times.

7. Feel the charm of sexy underwear

When you wear sexy underwear, you can feel its impact on your body and love life.The style and material are beautifully combined with your body. The unique design of sexy underwear can help adjust your body and generate confidence.Whether to tell your boyfriend or not, you have already felt more beautiful because of it, which has a greater impact on the improvement and happiness of love life.

8. Explore new sexy underwear

Now you have done all your preparations. Why not explore new sexy underwear?Every girl should try to explore different styles and find the style of underwear that suits them.Keep trying new styles and types, you can find the sexy underwear that suits you best, making yourself feel more confident and charming.

9. Pay attention to the quality of purchase

Remember to pay attention to the quality of sexy underwear, do not buy cheap sexy underwear casually.Low -quality underwear may bring discomfort and unnecessary trouble.A high -quality underwear can not only shape a confident image, but also help your figure to get more optimization.

10. End language

Wearing a sexy underwear may be a challenge for some girls, but don’t let this challenge hinder you.Believe in yourself and try to wear sexy underwear bravely, because you may get some surprises in the process.Whether you choose to show sexy or delicate, wearing sexy underwear is to make you more confident, self -love, and more beautiful.

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