Wear sexy underwear on the day of the certificate

1. The importance of the day of the certificate

On the day of receiving the certificate is a vital day in each couple’s life, which means that the two people officially entered the palace of marriage.For women, the sexy and sexy sexy underwear will add a romantic atmosphere to the whole day.Below, this article will introduce the relevant content of wearing sex underwear on the day of the certificate.

2. Preparation on the eve of the wedding

One day or morning on the day before receiving the certificate, be sure to prepare a fun underwear in advance.You can consider buying a set of underwear sets specially worn on the day of the certificate.In addition, you can make special packaging underwear to make couples more surprising.

3. Color selection of underwear

The color of sexy underwear is the key to choice.You can choose white, red, black and other colors. Among them, white is the most common, and it is the color that symbolizes the purity and blessings of the wedding; red represents enthusiasm and passion; black gives people a mysterious and sexy feeling.

4. Wedwear style choice

The style of the underwear is very important. Because it is still the first appearance on the underwear on the proof day, it is necessary to choose the style that is more suitable for you. Don’t make yourself unnatural and embarrassing.If you think you can wear it in your subconscious, you can be comfortable!

5. Material selection of underwear

The material of the underwear is also important.You can choose relatively soft, smooth and comfortable materials, such as lace and cotton.In this way, the skin feels good when it comes to underwear, and it is comfortable to wear.

6. Pay attention to the creation of the atmosphere

In addition to the choice of underwear itself, it is also necessary to work hard on the creation of scenes and atmosphere.Candlelight dinner, petal decoration, music tenderness and so on, so that the entire proof process is more romantic.

7. How should underwear be matched?

The matching of underwear is also important.If it is white underwear, you can choose white silk socks, which will look more cautious and solemn.If it is a red underwear, you can choose black lace stockings, which is more sexy; black underwear, you can choose meat -colored or transparent socks, giving a sexy and mysterious feeling.

8. Pay attention to the quality of the underwear

Not only is it wearing beautiful, the quality of underwear is also important.It is best to choose high -quality underwear to wear, so that you can be more assured after wearing sexy underwear.

9. Don’t be too exposed

Although underwear can be sexy moderately, it cannot be too exposed.Especially for excessive exposure before the wedding, because in the eyes of guests, moderate sexy is more charming.Therefore, we must consider it carefully.Try to choose a style that is both interesting and not exposed.

10. Summary

On the day of the certificate, wearing a sexy sexy underwear can add romantic colors to the wedding life.However, it should be noted that sexy underwear is moderate sexy and can rendering heterosexual eyeballs, but don’t be too exposed.I hope that every couple can have a pleasant and beautiful experience on the day they get the certificate.

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