Wearing a sexy underwear show, not gathered

Wearing a sexy underwear show, not gathered

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular, and more and more is regarded as a fashion element.Wearing erotic underwear can not only make people feel sexy, but also properly emphasize the advantages of the body.However, when choosing a suitable sexy underwear, sometimes unsatisfactory problems occur.Due to poor workmanship or inappropriate size, sexy underwear may make the chest look together, which may not be the preference of some people.This article will introduce how to choose and wear appropriate sexy underwear to achieve the effect of not gathered chests.

1. Measure the size

When buying sexy underwear, the size is a very critical issue.If the underwear is too small, it will make your chest gather together, which gives people a sense of uncomfortable feeling.Therefore, it is recommended to measure your own size before buying to ensure that you can wear appropriate sexy underwear.

2. Select the right style

It is also very important to choose the right sexy lingerie style.For those who want to show their chests, wearing triangle underwear may not be the most ideal choice.Consider choosing those underwear styles that can increase space and give more space for breasts.

3. Consider the shape of the chest

Everyone’s body and breast shape are different, so you need to choose a sexy underwear that suits your body.If your chest is relatively flat, you can choose a tally underwear, and for the more rounded breasts, you can choose a softer style.

4. Prevent the bra cup is too small

If the sexy underwear cup is too small, it will make the chest look together.Therefore, you need to ensure that the appropriate sexy underwear is required to avoid this situation.

5. Make sure the cross belt position of the underwear is correct

The cross belt of sexy underwear is very critical when wearing, and it can help underwear to maintain a balance.When wearing underwear, you need to pull the cross tightly so that it matches the position of the shoulder.

6. Choose breathable underwear

Many sexy underwear is too thick to wear because the material is too thick.Therefore, it is recommended to choose breathable underwear to ensure that you can not feel uncomfortable while maintaining sexy.

7. Choose comfortable underwear

It is critical to wear comfortable erotic underwear to show your body confidently.Therefore, you need to choose those comfortable underwear.

8. Choose the right color

When choosing sexy underwear, color is also a key factor.Consider choosing underwear similar to your skin color, which will make you look more natural and comfortable.

9. Pay attention to wear different occasions

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions.If you plan to wear sexy underwear in public, you need to choose the appropriate style and color to avoid decadent or unrestrained feelings.

10. Filtering shoulder straps and chest straps

In the last point, it should be noted that when wearing sexy lingerie, you need to carefully adjust your shoulder straps and chest straps to ensure that the underwear has no discomfort and can maintain a suitable position.

in conclusion

When choosing sexy underwear, many factors need to be considered, including size, style, material, and so on.Selecting and wearing sexy underwear can let you show your body confidently, and avoid the problem of gathered chests.I hope that the techniques provided in this article can help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you and achieve the effect of showing your chest.

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