Wearing sex lingerie on the street

Wearing sex lingerie on the street

Interest underwear has gradually become a part of fashion, and wearing on the street is becoming more and more common.However, for novices, wearing sexy underwear on the street may feel a little difficult.This article will lead you to know how to wear sexy underwear on the street.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First of all, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Whether it is adult erotic lingerie, beautiful women’s sexy underwear, or European and American sexy underwear, you should choose according to your preferences and body shape.Under normal circumstances, choose the right size to ensure comfort and self -confidence.In addition, colors and styles are also important. You should choose the color and style that suits you to enhance your beauty and charm.

With the right clothing

After choosing a sexy underwear, it is also a very important step with the appropriate clothing.Choose the clothing of the cut, the color matching of the color and the sexy underwear, can not only dress yourself beautifully, but also integrate the fun underwear into the entire dress.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to matching shoes and accessories to form a coordinated and unified effect.

Pay attention to dew point issues

When choosing sexy underwear and clothing, pay attention to the problem of dew.To make yourself feel comfortable and not attracting attention, you need to choose sexy underwear that will not expose key parts.In addition, to avoid some clothes that are too exposed or excessively exposed, you should show your unique beauty in a suitable sexy way.

Avoid being too exposed

Wearing sexy underwear on the street, you need to avoid wearing too exposed erotic underwear.Special occasions such as gatherings or clubs may be appropriate to wear such sexy underwear, but in social occasions or daily activities, over -exposed erotic underwear can cause uncomfortable and attention of others, and may even cause sexual harassment.

Self -confidence show your own beauty

Wearing sexy underwear on the streets need more confidence to show your beauty.In the case of choosing sexy underwear and matching properly, you need to show your beauty and charm.To maintain an upright posture, look up, reveal your personality and self -confidence.

Choose the right occasion

You need to choose the right occasion to wear sexy underwear.At home and special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, you can wear beautiful lingerie or sexy lingerie, and enjoy a unique romantic atmosphere with your partner.However, it is not appropriate to wear sexy underwear in work or public. Therefore, you must carefully consider the occasion when wearing.

Pay attention to keeping clean and hygienic

Just like wearing any other clothes, keeping clean and hygiene is also very important for sexy underwear.Washing sexy underwear regularly, cleaning and disinfection in a suitable way can keep it clean and hygienic, and can ensure the service life.If sexual underwear is damaged, faded or relaxed, it should be replaced in time.

Do not give yourself too much pressure

Wearing sexy underwear on the street may feel a little nervous and uncomfortable.But at any time, the most important thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself.Wearing sexy underwear can be a way of pride, aesthetics and self -expression.As long as you are confident and show your unique beauty, you can wear sexy lingerie on the street.


Wearing sexy underwear on the streets need more confidence to show your beauty.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, with the appropriate clothing, avoid being too exposed. Pay attention to the dew point problems and the choice of the occasion are very important.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence and comfort and show your unique beauty.

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