Weibo Wet Underwear Store Owner

Weibo Wet Underwear Store Owner

Sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention in modern society, so opening a sexy underwear shop has become a choice for more and more people.Today we will listen to the experience and experience of a Weibo sex underwear owner, and understand the tricks and business rules of opening a sex lingerie shop.


To make sexy underwear, the turnover is not small.why?Because when you buy it, you must meet the psychology of buyers and the needs of their figure.Therefore, making sexy underwear is much higher than ordinary underwear.

Target group

Many people think that the target group of sexy underwear is mainly young people and couples.But in fact, the target group of sexy underwear is not just these people.In our store, there are even many retired elderly people buying sexy underwear.

Material selection and design

The first thing is that the materials that require it are naturally comfortable and the skin feels soft.For example, the natural cotton material is very good, and the body is sticky, and it will not loosen. In addition, there are elastic fabrics, which have low shrinkage, good ductility, and not easy to deform.In terms of styles, you can consider according to different ages and needs.

After -sales service

How to do after -sales service for sex underwear?In fact, it is very simple. The main thing is to find the right service method and content.To satisfy customers, they must feel the intention of the store in the after -sales service.For example, answering customer questions, home delivery, etc., providing high -quality after -sales service is an important way for stores to improve customer satisfaction.

Product display

Product display and the environment in the store are very important.Because sexy underwear is a lifestyle, the effects of the environment and product display in the store are very impact on customers.The store should be carefully planned on the counter and the window, and replace it according to different occasions or customer needs.To this end, the store needs to have sufficient matching vision and just to replace it. To this end, the store needs to have sufficient matching and design capabilities.

The way to promote

For a small shop, it is best to choose social media such as Weibo and WeChat for promotion.The cost is not high, and the effect is very significant.At the same time, it can be combined with offline advertising to promote online activities.When planning network activities, you must fully consider the characteristics of business and customer needs, and start from the perspective of customer as much as possible to ensure the effectiveness of marketing activities.

To be different from the selling points of other industries

In addition to elegant, comfortable, and soft, sexy underwear also needs to consult the store’s professional suggestions.It is recommended that the store can personalize the personalized match according to the body and habits of the customer to create a sexy underwear belonging to this person.

Rich product category

The customer consumption level of sexy underwear is relatively high, so the price of single underwear that the store needs to provide is moderate. At the same time, it is also necessary to guide customers not to only buy a single model, but to buy a variety of underwear and increase the repurchase rate of customers.

Business law

The market demand in the sex underwear industry, total demand sometimes fluctuates with seasonal and fashion changes.The store needs to grasp the market trend, always grasp the needs of customers, and update the underwear style in time to ensure that customers always attract them when shopping in the store.


It can be seen from the above content that the operating owner of the sex underwear will not be affected by market fluctuations. As long as the concept is correct, fully grasp the fashion trend and customer needs, the satisfaction of customers and the sales performance of the store can be continuously improved.As the owner of a sexy underwear, we must always adhere to the standards of service, the inner enthusiasm and the spirit of innovation. Good underwear must not only have a beautiful appearance, but also have inner quality and inner feeling.

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