What are the luxurious sexy lingerie brands

What are the luxurious sexy lingerie brands

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing, which is mainly to increase sexy and attractiveness.In the market, many brands provide a lot of sexy underwear, and their quality, design and price are different.In this article, we will explore luxury sexy underwear brands.

1. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand, which was founded in 1994.The brand’s innovative design and high cost performance make it the leader in the luxury underwear market.Agent Provocateur brings sexy underwear into a new height. The brand pays great attention to details and craftsmanship in the design of underwear.

2. La Perla

La Perla is an Italian brand, established in 1954.This brand is famous for making high -end sexy underwear.La Perla’s underwear design focuses on the structure, reflects the traditional and culture of European fashion, and each detail reflects the noble and sexy brand.

3. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a well -known brand and one of the most popular and most successful women underwear brands in the United States.Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 and is famous for its extremely fashionable and affordable sexy underwear.Victoria’s Secret’s underwear design and marketing strategies are very successful, which is why it has become one of the luxury sex lingerie brands.

4. Bordelle

Bordelle is a British brand, which was founded in 2007.This brand combines European fashion and technology concepts, focusing on the introduction of innovative design and technology.Every sexy underwear of Bordelle is repeatedly thought and carefully made, and some of them also use hand -embroidered.


Les Chandelles is a French brand, which was founded in 1990.This brand is among the sexy underwear market with its excellent creativity and superb craftsmanship.Every sex underwear of Les Chandelles is very exquisite. They use the best materials, combining perfect tailoring and tailoring techniques.

6. Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo is a Japanese female designer and she is also her own brand.This brand is famous for its exquisite rubber design, with a strong sexy style.The design of ATSUKO Kudo is very chic, which is one of the reasons for it to become one of the luxury and sexy underwear brands.

7. DITA VON Teese Lingerie

Dita Von Teese Lingerie is a brand from the United States.Dita Von Teese is a well -known American actor and dancer. She published her sexy underwear brand, and she was also a spokesperson for the brand.The design of Dita Von Teese Lingerie pays attention to aesthetics and fashion. The brand is also very generous in the choice of models, reflecting the sexy and charm of the brand.

8. Pleasurements

Pleasurements is a brand from the Netherlands that is known for its bold design and multi -material combination.The sexy underwear designed by Pleasurements has many elements involving leather or satin, and each underwear is customized, not a standard size.

in conclusion

There are many luxurious sexy underwear brands, and each brand has its unique design and style.Whether you want a literary brand or a sexy brand, these brands will meet your needs.In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should find a brand and style that suits you and reflect your personal sexy, and luxurious sexy underwear brands will undoubtedly provide you with a variety of options.

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