What are the women’s sexy lingerie styles

1. Sexy set

Sexy sets are a more popular type in women’s sexy underwear.It is usually composed of tops and bottom pants. Common styles are hollow, mesh, lace, bellyband, etc., with accessories such as bow and lace.Due to its rich style, sexy suits have become the first choice for many women in bed.

2. Perspective underwear

Permanent underwear, also known as air hood, transparent underwear, back underwear, etc., is a kind of underwear designed according to the body curve.It usually uses high -definition nets or other transparent materials to increase visual effects through perspective and obstruction.Permanent underwear only reveals the front and back parts, instead of revealing more skin like interest, it is more suitable for wearing women with shy character.

3. Open crotch sexy underwear

Open crotch sexy underwear is a variant of sexy underwear. In order to make the other half better explore the body, this style underwear is convenient to wear, especially in some special activities.It focuses on the "crotch" of pants. In sexual life, it can be more convenient to carry out various sexual activities to allow people to experience an unprecedented passion experience.

4. Lace underwear

Lace underwear is the favorite type of women.It can be quickly confused, and it can expose some sensitive parts in proper places.At the same time, lace underwear also has some strong cultural atmosphere. Many women like to wear it before going to bed to increase their charm.

5. Through pants

Thong pants are a relatively special sexy underwear. Because of its rare shape, it has the love of many women in sex.It is composed of the most basic briefs and belts, where the back of the briefs is bore shape.In sexual life, it can bring people special stimuli, thus reaching a higher sense of sexual blessing in the interaction process of both parties.

6. Uniform underwear

Uniform underwear is a sought -after product of lovers. It turns the characters such as police, nurses, school flowers, and servants into a sexy and charming clothing.The design styles of these clothing are rigorous. After wearing it, people can quickly act as a professional role, increasing the relaxation and interest in the process of sex, and it is also a way to seek freshness and uniqueness.

7. Wrap underwear

Bid -wrap underwear is a kind of tight clothes. It is especially lies in the body tightly, making the curve of the body more prominent, highlighting personality and beauty.Bouncing underwear is often used to increase interest and lust, and allows people to show a perfect figure like a real sexy model.

8. Underwear

Underwear is a more daily style. It is the most basic sexy underwear category. It is a kind of underwear that can be personalized. It is usually made of comfortable fabrics such as cotton or sound patterns.The role of personal underwear is mainly to remove tickets, which are clear and colorful, making women more confident and comfortable.

9. Vecent underwear

The vest underwear is a strap underwear, which is usually made of cotton or loud fabrics.It is similar to sports underwear, but the design style and price closer to ordinary underwear than sports underwear.Vecent underwear is suitable for women who like to wear loose clothes, and with the love of leisure culture in recent years, vest underwear has become more popular.

10. tube top underwear

The tube top underwear is a rare style, usually made of silk or lace fabrics. It is a style without back and shoulder straps.The design of the tube top underwear is very eye -catching: three stitching design in the anterior ear of the neck, perfectly showing the sexy and personality of women.Note that it reflects independent and autonomous femininity than other styles.

In summary, women’s sexy underwear is a tool that enhances sexy and interest. Choosing different styles according to personal needs can help rich experience.With the continuous progress of society, the sexy underwear industry is constantly updating, and more and more people have set their sights on this high potential market.Although there are many types, comfort and sanitation have always been the goal of sexy underwear pursuit.

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