What brand of sexy underwear

What brand of sexy underwear

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is one of the world’s most famous sexy underwear brands, and its products cover many fields such as women’s underwear, pajamas, and swimsuits.This brand focuses on sexy and feminine design styles, which is loved by consumers.

La Perla (La Perla)

Renisi is a high -end sexy underwear brand that is loved by European and American people, founded in Italy.Its products are based on exquisite craftsmanship and high -quality fabrics. They have been committed to creating unique style and sexy underwear, which are highly respected by fashion people.

Playboy Intimates

Playboy underwear is a sexy underwear brand launched by the world’s famous men’s magazine "Playboy".The design style of this brand is based on the theme of teasing sex, provided to male and female consumers with a variety of product choices, which are deeply loved.


Aig underwear was founded in China and is a brand focusing on women’s sexy lingerie.With the concept of nature, fashion, and comfort, this brand is committed to providing high -quality underwear products for Chinese women, which is favored by consumers.

Calvin Klein

Kaviekley is a brand from the United States. It is characterized by the simple and modern style, and is loved by young groups.This brand’s fun underwear series is dominated by classic black, white, gray and other basic colors, perfecting the visual effects and comfort.

Stella McCartney

Steella McCartney is a sexy underwear brand from Britain, and its design style focuses on simplicity, elegance and sexy.The organic cotton and natural fibers adopted by this brand allows consumers to feel the confidence and beauty brought by underwear without affecting physical health.

Versace (Versace)

Ferragam is one of the high -end sexy underwear brands from Italy. Its product is not only full of Italian romance and small freshness, but also focuses on the polishing of details.

Agent Provocateur

Stylus underwear is a high -end erotic underwear brand from the UK. The founder Sophie C. Malagrida has worked in a secret high -level in Victoria and specializes in the elegant and sexy underwear series.Its products have been popular all over the world and become the first choice for many fashionistas.

Japanese nude underwear (Rakuten)

Japan’s nude underwear is known for its patentless interface technology. Different underwear products are produced for different parts of women, which aims to create the comfort of naked body.This brand’s fun underwear series emphasizes the fashion and comfort of design styles. It is a brand that is popular with young people.

Aimer (Aimer)

Ireae is a sexy underwear brand from China. It is committed to providing female consumers with high -quality, stylish and comfortable sexy underwear series.Since the quality and quality have been put first, I admire underwear has been sought after by female consumers.

The above is a brief introduction to many sexy underwear brands. Each brand has its own unique style and temptation, all of which are good in women.When choosing sexy underwear, consumers need to consider their needs and physical characteristics, and they can choose the brand and style that suits them according to their preferences.Tell you quietly, there are actually many good brands waiting for your discovery!

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