What does the name of sexy underwear mean


Interesting underwear is one of the most sought -after underwear styles in recent years. It is different from traditional daily underwear. Its design style is bold and avant -garde, and the effect of sexy and tempting is pursuing.However, for those who are in contact with sex underwear for the first time, the various terms in the name of the product are really a little confusing. Let’s take a look at the meaning of the name behind the product name of the sexy underwear.

"Babydoll" in the name of the product

In sexy underwear, the name "Babydoll" often appears. It means "baby clothes", which is a bottoming shirt or dress -style sexy lingerie style.It is usually made of a very thin mesh or silk fabric with lace lace. The fabric is very thin, suitable for wearing in a sex occasion to bring people visual ultimate enjoyment.

"Chemise" in the name of the product

The name of "Chemise" generally refers to a sexy pajamas. It is similar to Babydoll. It also belongs to a dress -style sexy underwear, but it is relatively more restrained and calm.Chemise is mostly made of light wool, cotton, silk, or lace fabric. Its design inspiration comes from French pajamas, making people feel a casual and warm atmosphere.

"Corset" in the name of the product

"Corset" means a waist corset, which is one of the important characters in sexy underwear.It focuses on keeping the figure perfect and the curve, so that the proportion of the figure is better coordinated.Corset is generally made of thick, elastic materials, and has a bracket inside to maintain its shape.It is a perfect combination of daily underwear and sexy underwear, especially for women who need to pay special attention to the back and pelvic position, it is a good choice.

"Harness" in the name of the product

"Harness" means "saddle", which is a relatively novel and personalized sexy lingerie style, usually made of leather or leather materials.Following the design concept of folds, showing a medieval magic.In addition, there are many versions and variants.The main purpose of Harnass is from the process of wearing, from the neck to the breast to the waist, to outline the appropriate curve, conveying an elegant and unforgettable visual effect.

"Bodysuit" in the name of the product

"Bodysuit" is another important name in sexy underwear, which means "tight skirt" or "tights".Its material nature is similar to BabyDoll, which are made of silk or lace lace, but the design style is very different: the upper part of BodySUIT is often designed as tight corset, and the lower part is the tight dress exposed downstairs.EssenceBodysuit is very popular in the entire fashion underwear market, and it is also the first choice for many star fashion.

"Teddy" in the name of the product

"Teddy" is a design style similar to swimwear. It is very different from daily underwear and sexy underwear.It usually has high waist design, showing legs and backs, which is thinner and charming.There are many types and colors of Teddy, and they are welcomed by young women. It is an essential sexy underwear in interests.

"Stocking" in the name of the product

"Stocking" is a relatively basic, but very important one in sexy underwear. It is usually made of yarn, silk, or nylon. The nature of seeing the material can highlight the female iconic long leg line lines.It has very high attractiveness.

The development trend of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, for the previous industry, it is quite innovative and futuristic. Unlike other fields, the brand, design, consumer groups of sexy underwear are very young, fashionable and open.At the same time, with the changes of the times, more and more new materials and new elements have begun to be applied to sexy underwear, such as using 3D printing technology to make underwear, the addition of fashionable technology elements, etc. These trends will make the sex lingerie industry inIn the future, it will continue to expand and develop more possibilities.

in conclusion

Finally, it is worth noting that compared with other underwear products, the design of the sexy underwear is more avant -garde, the lines are older, and the material is more resistant and comfortable.Although buying sexy underwear requires high consumption power, for those who know how to enjoy life, sexy underwear is not only a differentiated underwear, but also a artwork that shows self -personality and confidence.Therefore, sexy underwear has also become the first choice for shopping for more and more women.

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