What is the pad in the sexy underwear model

Many people have doubts about the pads in sexy underwear models. Today we will unveil this mysterious veil.

# 1: The pad in the underwear model is a sponge

Many people mistakenly make silicone pads in the sexy underwear model, but it is not.The underwear model is a special sponge, which is soft and comfortable to change with the changes in the chest.

# 2: Types of sponge

There are many types of sponges, and common ones are memory sponges, ordinary sponges, PU sponge, etc.Different types of sponges have different characteristics, and their quality will also be obvious.

# 3: choice of hard and hard level

The soft and hard and hard level of the sponge in the underwear model needs to be selected according to different situations.For example, women who belong to the A cup can choose a relatively thin mat, which can tighten the chest.For women above the C cup, if you want to shape the perfect chest curve, you can choose a relatively thicker cushion.

# 4: Selection of underwear models

The choice of underwear models is also very critical.Choosing a suitable model can better display the effect of sexy underwear and play a better publicity.

# 5: Use of silicone pads

Although the sponge is pad in the sexy underwear model, there are also some underwear using silicone pads.The silicone pad has good support and plasticity, which can better shape the shape of the chest.

# 6: The advantages and disadvantages of silicone pads

However, there are some disadvantages of silicone pads. On the one hand, it is easy to produce odor and need to be cleaned frequently. On the other hand, underwear using silicone pads is generally more expensive.

# 7: The style of the underwear

The style of the underwear also needs to be considered.For example, if the underwear is covered with a low -collar design, the choice of chest pads of model underwear will generally choose thinner styles, so that it can better shape the perfect chest shape.

# 8: Pay attention to wear

In addition, no matter what kind of cushion, the way of wearing underwear needs attention.The underwear must be closely fitted with the body to achieve better results, so you must pay attention to supporting hygiene when trying on, not too narrow or loose.

# 9: Factors affecting the effect

Finally, let’s talk about the factors that affect the effect of sexy underwear.In addition to the design and quality of the underwear itself, the size and form of the chest shape, even the occasions and temperament of the wear, will affect the effect of sexy underwear.

# 10: Conclusion

In summary, the sponge is cushion in the sexy underwear model, and its type and hard and hard level need to be selected according to different needs.The silicone pads can also be used, but you need to pay attention to problems such as cleaning and price.The most important thing is to wear the design and quality of the underwear itself.Only by comprehensive factors can the best results be achieved.

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