What is the sexy underwear of the hotel


In love in love, in order to create a romantic and passionate atmosphere, some sexy supplies often use some sexy products to enhance the feeling of enjoyment.In addition to those toys that are already commonplace, sexy underwear has also become a popular choice.With the improvement of modern people’s perception and acceptance of sex, more and more people have begun to use sexy underwear.In the hotel, sexy underwear has also become an unusual service.

The application of sexy underwear services in the hotel

The hotel’s sexy lingerie service refers to the hotel with various styles of sexy underwear in the guest room to create a sexy, romantic and passionate atmosphere.This service has become standard in some high -end hotels and has been welcomed by many guests.

Types of hotel sex underwear

The types of sexy underwear are very diverse, including lace skirts, transparent lace underwear, sexy satin pajamas, sexy leather clothes, etc.Different guests can choose the right underwear to enjoy according to their preferences and needs.

The advantages of sexy underwear

The advantage of sexy underwear is that they can help lovers break the bland sex life, enhance each other’s sexual attraction, and also increase the fun and passion of interaction.

The price of hotel sex underwear

The price of sexy underwear in different hotels is also different. Generally, the price of sexy underwear ranges from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan.However, in business -type hotels, the price of sexy underwear may be higher.

The purchase channel of sexy underwear

Under normal circumstances, guests can buy sexy underwear through various channels, including online, specialty stores or department stores.In the hotel, guests can book sexy underwear services directly from the hotel’s front desk or reservation.

Precautions for the use of sexy underwear

When using sexy underwear, guests need to pay attention to hygiene and personal privacy.Many hotels will completely clean and disinfect them after the guests use sexy underwear.In addition, guests can choose to bring home clothes that have been used, but they need to pay the corresponding cleaning costs.

Regarding the profit model of hotel sex lingerie service

The hotel provides guests with sexy underwear services. On the one hand, it meets the needs of customers, and on the other hand, it also brings corresponding profits to the hotel.In free cases, the hotel’s cost of erotic underwear in each room has entered the housing fee.In the case of paid, the hotel will publish sexy underwear as an additional charge service when the guest is reservation.

The trend of hotel sex underwear services

With the openness of sexual concepts and the update of characters, sexy underwear has become a very common sexual product, which can help people better enjoy sex.In the hotel, sexy lingerie services have gradually become a fashion and trend.Therefore, this service is expected to be more and more popular and sought after.


The hotel’s sexy lingerie can provide guests with a unique, romantic and passionate experience.Guests can choose their favorite styles to enjoy.This service will gradually grow with the progress of society and people’s cognitive updates.

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