What should I do if I can’t afford a fun underwear flat chest


Sex underwear has become a representative of women’s self -autonomy, and more and more women use sexy underwear in sex.However, although some women like sexy underwear, they cannot support underwear because of their small breasts and planes.So, what should I do if I can’t afford a fun underwear?This article will give you a detailed answer.

How to choose sexy underwear

For women with flat chest, you need to pay attention to some details when choosing sexy underwear.First of all, you need to choose a messy underwear with shoulder pads, so that you can put your chest in the correct position to increase the height and tallness of the chest.Secondly, you need to choose a sexy underwear for small breasts. This underwear will be more in line with the characteristics of small breasts. It effectively supports the chest while avoiding the plane collapse.Finally, try to choose simple and simple sexy underwear, do not choose too complicated and fancy styles, so as not to transfer attention to sexy.

Correction pose

In order to make sexy underwear better fit the chest, women with flat chest need to correct their posture.Keep your chest, abdomen, and look up, so that your chest can be more prominent and effectively improve the plane.In addition, try to avoid bad postures such as bowing, humpback, because this will make the chest unable to show it in the underwear.

Increase pectoral muscle exercise

In daily life, flat breasts can perform some targeted pectoral muscles.Simple push -ups, support and other actions can effectively increase the strength and elasticity of the pectoral muscles, making the chest more upright and plump.In addition, you can buy related products such as chest massage device for chest massage and stretching, which will help activate the nerves and blood of the chest and improve the sensitivity and sensation of the chest.

Choose the right underwear size

Whether it is a flat breast or a big breast, choosing the right underwear size is the key to ensuring the comfort and the aesthetic of sexy underwear.Women with flat chest need to choose a tight and close -fitting underwear to ensure that the chest will not shake in the underwear. At the same time, it should also avoid the underwear too tight and compress the chest, causing discomfort and dullness.

Increase the curve of the chest

In addition to choosing the right sexy underwear and size, women can also increase the curve of the chest by wearing.When choosing clothes, you can choose V -neck, hook, lotus leaf edge, etc. These designs can highlight the highlights of the chest, make the chest curve more prominent, and more convenient to match sex underwear.

Cooperate with a healthy lifestyle

Women of flat chest should pay attention to cooperating with a healthy lifestyle, developing good habits such as the laws of schedule, healthy diet, and moderate exercise. These are helpful to improve physical conditions and improve the quality of the body.

Try more underwear styles bravely

Trying more style of sexy underwear is also a good way to get rid of the plane.Even if you can’t wear exquisite lace corset, you can also choose some sexy tight tops, naked back clothes, etc. These styles can show your physical characteristics and personality charm.

With other accessories

In addition to the adjustment of sexy underwear and wearing, flat -breasted women can also use some other accessories to add self -confidence and sexy.For example, you can choose the right necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. These accessories can transfer the attention of the chest and make you more confidently show your charm.

in conclusion

It is an inevitable problem that flat chests can not afford fun underwear. When facing this problem, women should bravely find solutions to start from multiple perspectives such as the choice of braTry, find a method and method that suits you, show self -confidence and sexy.

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