Where can I buy sexy underwear in Japan

Where can I buy sexy underwear in Japan

Interesting underwear is becoming more and more popular with the public, and Japan, as a country with a very open personality culture, has many shops and websites to buy various types of sexy underwear.Below, this article will introduce to you where to buy sexy underwear in Japan.

1. Adult products store

Adult products shop is the most convenient place to buy sexy underwear.In Japan, adult products stores all over the streets. Whether it is a large chain store or a small private business store, there are sexy underwear.Professional consultants in these shops can provide good suggestions and purchase suggestions so that everyone can buy sexy underwear satisfactory.

2. Online store

With the development of e -commerce, one of the most convenient ways to buy sexy underwear in Japan is the online store.Through online stores, users can easily browse different types of sexy underwear at home, and can also choose different payment methods and courier methods, which is very convenient.

3. Large department store

In Japan, many large department stores also sell sexy underwear.These department stores have extensive industry resources and professional teams, providing a variety of sexy underwear, as well as some unique brands and styles.

4. Sexy underwear store

Fun underwear stores are a type of shops that specialize in selling sexy underwear.Although the store is small, they usually store some special design, materials and styles, which are difficult to find in the market.

5. Large chain store

Large chain stores are another choice for buying sexy underwear.These stores usually have many types of sexy underwear, whether it is sexy underwear or role -playing clothing, there are many options.The price is also very close to the people, suitable for people at different consumption levels.

6. Mall counter

The mall counter is also an emerging way to buy sexy underwear.Some new sex clothing brands are improving their own image and showing their latest design by showing at the counter in the mall.These brands often use high -quality materials and creative designs.

7. Second -hand stores and markets

In Japan, second -hand stores and markets are very common, and it is another way to buy sexy underwear.Many people in these stores will sell sexy underwear used in relatively low prices, but most of them will be clean and disinfected.This is also a very good choice for those who are more tight budget.

8. Fun Party Store

The sex party store is also very popular. This is a special shopping experience. Among them, you can find the sexy underwear displayed by the salesperson. Most of them will be purchased collectively.Almost everyone can experience the happiness of shopping, and make new friends. While enjoying the fun of shopping, they can also obtain various new knowledge and experience.


In Japan, there are many choices for buying sexy underwear, and the types and characteristics of various shops are dazzling.Therefore, the choice of purchasing a way to buy should buy high -quality sexy underwear in the most suitable way according to your needs and preferences.

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