Where can I buy sexy underwear in Suzhou


Where can I buy sexy underwear in Suzhou?This is a question that many people want to ask.After all, sexy underwear is a very private item, and it is not available anywhere.In Suzhou, there are some more reliable channels to buy sexy underwear. Let’s introduce it to you.

1. Adult products store

Adult products stores are a more traditional way to buy sexy underwear.They are usually distributed in the city’s commercial center or some hidden underground malls.In Suzhou, there are many such stores. For example, you can go to Renai Road or Humble Administrator’s Garden Scenic Area.However, it should be noted that some items in adults may not be suitable for public places. Pay attention to privacy when buying.

2. Online shopping platform

In the current era, if you don’t like to buy sexy underwear in front of the public, then online shopping is a good choice.Taobao, JD.com, Pinduoduo and other e -commerce platforms are sold on the sales of lingerie.It should be noted that you need to read the product details carefully when buying online. You need to read the product details carefully when buying online, because the quality of the material and style of the sexy lingerie make the price range very wide, and it is critical to choose the corresponding quality and style.

3. Underwear stores in the mall

Underwear stores in the mall are usually more standardized than adult products stores, and at the same time, privacy is also more guaranteed.Some large shopping malls in Suzhou, such as Suning Tesco, Jiuguang Department Store, Parkson Shopping Center, etc., all have underwear stores.It should be noted that malls are usually slightly higher than adult products stores and online shopping, but the quality may be more guaranteed.

4. Home Furnishing Products Store

In addition to traditional purchase channels, some home party products store also sells some sexy underwear.Such stores are also in many commercial districts in Suzhou, such as Jinji Lake Commercial Circle, Taiping Tianshi Street, etc. Of course, the choice of these products will be relatively limited, but you can also try it.

5. Online sex products store

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the improvement of cultural level, the consumption demand of sexy underwear is now increasing, and the market has also appeared online sex products stores.The advantage of online sex products is that the package is hidden, the privacy is better, and the selectivity is more. It is suitable for people who like to shop at home.It should be noted that when choosing an online sex product store, you need to look at the scale, evaluation and reputation of the online store.

6. Professional sexy underwear shop

There are also some professional sexy underwear stores in Suzhou. They sell sexy underwear as the only product sales and apply professional knowledge to the sales scenario.Such a store has a relatively high privacy, and you will consider the privacy and needs of customers. You can buy it completely.But the price may be higher.

7. Instant payment

The price of sexy underwear is relatively expensive, especially some high -end quality sexy underwear.If you want to buy but cannot be paid at one time, you can consider installment payment.At present, similar installment services have emerged. After the order is placed, the merchant will pay installment payment based on the credit limit and the purchase amount.

8. Safety prevention measures

Pay attention to privacy and safety when buying sexy underwear.First of all, when buying sexy underwear in public places, you should avoid seeing the person you know; secondly, you must choose a credible online mall to buy when shopping online. Finally, if you give it to others, you must consider the meaning of the gift of the gift.The gender and size of the recipient.

9. obsession is not desirable

Although the arrangement of sexy underwear is constantly being replaced, do not have a consequented competitive mentality because of obsession.It is the most important thing to maintain rationality. There is no need to spend too much money for sexy underwear, and it does not need to affect its family and career.

10. The correct attitude

Finally, it is worth noting that what is sexy underwear?It is derived from a manifestation of a sex civilization in the West, and has a moderate understanding and identification with both culture and quality.Buying sexy underwear should have the right attitude, and choosing a diverse cultural and sexy underwear may make yourself feel happy and relaxed for a long time.

in conclusion:

In Suzhou, the channels for buying sexy underwear are still relatively rich. You can choose the way you can buy according to your needs and actual situation.Of course, when purchasing, you must pay attention to privacy and safety, as well as the correct purchase attitude.

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