Where can I sell sexy underwear in Changyi City

Where can I sell sexy underwear in Changyi City

1. Types and functions of sexy underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, including lace, hollow, suspender, vest and other styles.Their role is mainly to increase sexual fun and taste, make your sex life more exciting, and get more happiness.

2. The sex underwear counter of the local shopping mall

Many shopping malls in Changyi City have fun underwear counters, such as Shandong Taihua Department Store, Zhongbai Department Store, etc. You can find various styles and styles of fun underwear here to meet the needs of different people.

3. Sexy underwear sales in local clothing stores

In addition to the mall counter, the clothing stores in Changyi City also have the business of selling sexy underwear.These stores not only provide full -variety of sexy underwear purchasing services, but also personalized recommendations according to the different needs of customers.

4. Sexy underwear shops on the Internet shopping platform

Nowadays, Internet shopping has become a very popular way of shopping. A large number of sexy underwear stores or e -commerce platforms have also emerged, such as JD.com, Vipshop, Taobao, etc.choose.

5. Women’s underwear shop

In addition to ordinary underwear in women’s underwear shops, there are also interesting lingerie sales, such as Victoria’s Secret, Aimer, etc. Although the price is high, the styles and quality are guaranteed.

6. Special sexy shop

Changyi City also has special specialty stores set up for sex products. They provide richer sexy underwear, props and other supplies for choice.

7. Private booking sexy underwear

If you are pursuing personalized sexy underwear, you can also find private clothing artists with a certain technique and experience, and design and make your own interesting underwear according to your needs.

8. How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First of all, consider your body and preferences, choose the style and style that suits you.Second, pay attention to quality and fabrics, and choose comfortable and breathable materials.Finally, the price is also an important consideration, and the appropriate price range is selected according to its own economic situation.

9. Falling underwear cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. It is recommended to use the washing solution to wash it. Do not use bleach to avoid exposure and collision, so as not to destroy fiber and material.

10. The use of sexy underwear in sex

When using sexy underwear, pay attention to skills and methods to achieve the best sexual effect.For example, pay attention to looseness when wearing a suspender, and choose the appropriate bust size to avoid uncomfortable wear.In addition, when using constraints, be careful not to stimulate joints or muscles to avoid damage.


Changyi City’s sexy underwear purchase channels are still more diverse. Not only are traditional shopping malls and clothing stores, but also various options such as e -commerce platforms and professional erotic products stores.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only increase sexual fun and taste, but also need to pay attention to their cleaning maintenance and use skills.

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