Where is the photos of sexy underwear and sending photos

Sending underwear to send photos for photos

In the process of buying sexy underwear, many people choose to send photos to the seller to confirm whether the size is appropriate.And this method is not limited to this. Let’s discuss other uses of sexy underwear photos.

Confirmation size is appropriate

The first thing to mention is of course to confirm whether the size is appropriate.In particular, buying European and American sex underwear may cause size problems due to different size standards.Sending photos is a simple and direct confirmation method.

Display fashion matching

Many sexy lingerie styles can be matched with other clothing, such as wearing denim shorts or jackets, which can create a unique fashion style.At this time, taking photos and sharing experience is a very meaningful thing, you can share your own experience on social platforms.

Save record your own shopping experience

Sending photos can also be used as a way to save records.As a testimony of each shopping, taking a photo and leaving a mobile phone album or a cloud disk, showing that every sexy underwear you bought is carefully selected, and also provides a reference for future shopping.

Seeking suggestions or comments

I found that during the purchase process, I was not sure about a certain detail or style, or whether it was suitable for my body and style.At this time, you can share the photos of sexy underwear with the opinions and suggestions of other people or seeking experts.

Sell second -hand sexy sheets

If you have some still very new sexy underwear, and you don’t want to wear it anymore, or no longer appropriate.You can sell them by taking photos.On social platforms or online markets, post photos of these sexy underwear, clarify their brand, size, style, status, price and other information, waiting for buyers who are interested.

Leave the memories of shopping

For some people, shopping is like a kind of enjoyment.Especially when buying your favorite sexy underwear, sending photos can also be used to leave your own shopping memories.Sort the photo into a folder, which is equivalent to making a shopping diary that can read the memories at any time.

Looking for inspiration and exploring new styles

Sending photos can also be used as a way to find inspiration and explore new styles.When you buy some sexy underwear different from your past, take photos and share on social platforms, you can get feedback and comments from others to discover the new dressing combination.

Record your physical changes and wear feelings

Over time, our bodies will change.Take photos of sexy underwear, which can not only record your own dress, but also record your physical changes.In the future, looking at these photos will give yourself a more comprehensive understanding of your body.


Shooting photos is one of the often used methods for buying sex underwear.In addition to confirming the size, there are many other uses for sending photos.Take a photo, which can be used to record your own shopping experience, keep your shopping memories, explore new styles, and so on.During the shopping process, don’t forget this simple but important way.

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