Where is the sexy lingerie hidden at home

Cabinet drawer

If you want to store sexy underwear at home, you can try to put them in the drawer of the cabinet.This can keep the underwear away from the sun and humid environment, and ensure that the quality and color of the underwear are not affected.

Bedside table

The bedside table is a very convenient place. You can store some commonly used sexy underwear and supplies in it.If you choose to put the sexy underwear here, make sure the underwear is dry and placed in the cabinet.


Wardrobe is usually one of the most common storage places.If you have an additional drawer or shelf, you can place sexy underwear specifically.However, please note that underwear should be cleaned first and ensure sealing to avoid pollution.

Laundry basket

If you want to be more privacy in the process of storing sex underwear, put them in the laundry basket.It can not only hide underwear, but also help keep the room clean and orderly.


The shelf is also a good place to store erotic underwear.You can find a place far away from the sun to place underwear and make sure they are not crowded with other items.

Storage Box

If you want to store the fun underwear in a more hidden place, it is a good choice to store the box or storage bag.This method can also effectively keep the underwear and avoid direct sunlight, but remember to clean the underwear for long -term storage.

under the bed

Below the bed is a good place for Tibetan objects, because it rarely discovers.You can choose to put the sexy underwear in the bed drawer or wrap it in a sealed bag and place it at the bottom of the bed.


If you have a bookshelf, they can be another good place to store sex underwear.When you store underwear here, pay attention to keeping the privacy of the underwear. Don’t let others see it.

Dressing table

The dressing table is also an ideal place to store erotic underwear.You can store underwear in the drawer or cabinet of the dressing table, but do not mix them with cosmetics.

Bathroom cabinet

Although many people do not recommend putting underwear in the bathroom cabinet, if you do need it, it is best to choose a dry bathroom and try to place it in a sealed container to ensure the protection of underwear.

In short, please choose a place that suits you to store sex underwear and ensure the dryness and privacy of the underwear.In addition, remember to clean the underwear and change the storage position every time.

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