Whether you need to wear a branched underwear?

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Do you need to wear a bra?

The design of erotic underwear draws the elements of art, fashion, sexy, so that wearers get deeper enjoyment in the perfect combination of sexy, comfortable and sexual blessings.So, when wearing a sexy underwear, do you need to wear bras?This is the concern of many female lovers.The following will analyze and answer this question.

1. The chest ring in sexy underwear

In sexy underwear, its own chest ring is indispensable.The restraint of sexy underwear is often relatively large. The chest ring can support and shape the effect, making women’s chests more plump, firm, and sexy.Therefore, wearing a sexy underwear, wearing chest rings is necessary.

Second, the difference in sexy lingerie styles

There are many styles of sexy underwear, including restraint, transparent type, lace type, and so on.Some styles have been embedded with bras or chest pads, and the material is relatively thick, which can act as the role of the bra.In this case, you can save the steps of the bra.

3. Different chest size and shape

The size and shape of women’s chests vary from person to person.If the chest shape is better and the size is moderate, you can wear a sexy underwear without wearing a bra.However, if there are problems such as chest drooping and expansion, you need to choose the bra that fit the chest, and achieve the appropriate effect with the cooperation of sexy underwear.

Fourth, pay attention to comfort

Wearing erotic underwear is not to play the role and show your body, but to better enjoy sexual life.Therefore, comfort is very important.If you wear the bra and add the bra, you may make the entire dressing process not comfortable enough and affect your mood and sex.

5. Consider the appearance effect

Women also need to consider appearance effects when wearing sexy underwear.If the shape or color of the bras is not matched with the sexy underwear, it will affect the appearance effect.Therefore, individuals choose whether to wear bras as appropriate.

6. Be careful when choosing transparent sexy underwear

The design of transparent erotic underwear is very sexy, because the outline of the wearer’s body can be revealed.However, this style needs to be particularly cautious, because it is easy to dew points if you don’t wear bras, affect sexy effects, and it is not conducive to comfort.

7. Consider the needs in the process of sex

Wearing sexy underwear also needs to consider the needs in the process of sex.Some sexual postures need to take off their bra first and directly expose their breasts.If you are still wearing a bra and wearing a bra, it is not conducive to the transformation of nature.

8. Wear sex underwear occasion

Most of them are full of passionate occasions to meet fun and sexual life.If you wear bras on this occasion, the entire dressing process will appear very unconnected.Therefore, if you need to wear bras in erotic underwear, you may choose to integrate the sexy underwear of the bra to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Nine, summarize

The above analyzes do not need to wear branches to wear brands, but the final decision -making power lies in individuals.Wearing erotic underwear, we must consider multiple factors such as comfort, appearance effects, sex processes and occasions.Wearing branches or branches meets your needs.

10. Conclusion

Interest underwear is a way to pay tribute to love, and it is a way to meet the needs of sexual life.Wearing sexy underwear, branches or branches, is finally to achieve the perfect effect of sexy, comfortable and sexual blessings, for love and passionate life.

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