White silk suspender erotic underwear spray water

Understand the white silk hammo sexy underwear

The white silk camisole is a classic sexy lingerie style. It is characterized by white silk fabrics. It is equipped with delicate details such as camisole and silk lace, which can make women’s figures more beautiful.

White silk suspender sex underwear style

There are many styles of white silk suspenders. There are many styles of bras, bras, dresses, dresses, night skirts, maid clothes, swimsuits and other options. Choose different styles according to different needs and occasions. You can have a different feeling experience.

Appropriate choice size

Pay attention to the choice of size when buying white silk hammo sexy underwear. Excessive size or too small will affect the wear experience. It is recommended to choose a size suitable for you according to the specific figure data. This can ensure the fit and comfort of the underwear.

Cleaning and maintenance method

Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance method of the white silk suspender sex underwear. Generally, it is recommended to wash it by hand. Use a cleaner to choose a mild soapy water or a professional underwear cleaner to avoid damaging the fabric and decoration. At the same time, pay attention to avoid sun or high temperature.

Paired with jacket pants

The white silk suspender sexy underwear can be matched with various tops. You can take off your coat and expose underwear in private occasions. It can also be worn as a bottom shirt with thin tops and skirts. This depends on personal hobbies and the needs of the occasion.

The implementation of water spray effects

The white silk suspender sex underwear water spraying effect is a more special function. Generally, it can be achieved through a special water sprayer and water pipe connection. Pay attention to the selection of good quality materials.Hygiene issue.

The price of white silk suspender sex underwear

The price of white silk suspender sex underwear varies from aspects of brand, material, and functions. The relatively common styles in the market are between 300 yuan and 600 yuan. Of course, you can also buy higher -grade products.

Appropriate occasion

When choosing a white ribbon sexy underwear, pay attention to different methods of dressing. If it is a private occasion, you can show the sexy and charm of women. If you are out of the event, you need to consider the matching situation. Do not be too exposed or not tuned.


When wearing a white ribbon sexy underwear, be careful not to excessively tighten or wear too long to avoid affecting your health. At the same time, pay attention to hygiene, and replace underwear and disinfection pipes regularly.


The white silk suspender sex underwear is a charming and sexy underwear style. It is suitable for different female friends to choose and use, but pay attention to cooperating with your own figure and shape.Choose and clean and maintain to ensure the quality and health of wearing.

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