Who performed sexy underwear models


Sexy underwear is a popular item in modern fashion, which can attract a lot of attention.So, who are the models in sex underwear ads?Let’s take a look together

Well -known model

In sexy underwear advertisements, some well -known models can often be seen, such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, etc.These supermodels not only have a perfect figure, but also have extremely high modeling literacy, so that they can give a higher image representative to sexy underwear brands.

Professional sexy underwear model

In addition to well -known models, there are some professional sexy underwear models. They usually register in specialty sex underwear model companies and specifically endorses different brands.These models usually have outstanding figure and sufficient shooting experience.

International Model Draft Contest

It is worth mentioning that there are some international sex lingerie models, such as the "Victoria’s Secret Model Contest".These competitions can not only bring higher exposure to sexy underwear brands, but also select many powerful sexy underwear models.

Contemporary female spokesperson

Some sex lingerie brands will choose contemporary female spokespersons, such as movie stars or music singers.These spokesperson can give the brand more connotation through their own image and personality, and more representative.

The endorsement of high -level underwear brands

For some high -end underwear brands, they often use more mature female models in their advertising promotion, because they are born with more charm and restrained, and can meet the brand’s positioning.

The newly -known sexy underwear model

In the sexy underwear model industry, there are some new models. They usually have outstanding temperament and confidence, and can release more vitality in the brand’s advertisement.Such models usually attract the attention of young users.

Model agency company

In addition to professional erotic underwear models, there are many model agency companies to support brand endorsements.These companies usually choose suitable models to endorse the brand and provide suggestions for shooting support and marketing improvement.

The balance between sexy and restrained

The most important quality that sexy underwear models should have is sexy and restrained balance.Models need to be accurately displaying sexy underwear, and they should be able to release their temperament and personality.

Who is sexy underwear ads facing?

The models in sexy underwear advertisements are facing confident women who have their own taste and aesthetics.They may also be successful professional women or young women who pursue freedom.Brands will pass positive information to these women through models.


Interesting underwear models play a vital role in modern fashion, and their appearance has given a higher image representative to the brand.When choosing a model, the brand should comprehensively consider the temperament, quality and representative factors of the model.At the same time, the model itself should be able to clarify its own role, and in the shooting, it is balanced and restrained in the shooting, maintaining the best state.

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