Why are you embarrassed to buy sexy underwear?

1. Why did you buy but embarrassed to wear it

As a sexy and attractive clothing, sexy underwear is more and more loved by women, but many women do not dare to wear sexy underwear. Why?

2. The size does not match

When some women buy sexy underwear, because they do not understand the size of the brand or style, the size of the underwear they bought is inappropriate.Excessive size can cause uncomfortable wear, and too large size will make the underwear unable to fully fit the figure, affecting the visual effect.

3. Material discomfort

Sometimes women are seduced to buy some sexy underwear, but ignore the material of underwear.Some materials may cause allergies or discomfort to some people’s skin, causing inability to wear them.

4. The atmosphere is inappropriate

The wearing of sexy underwear usually needs to be carried out in a specific atmosphere. If the atmosphere is not suitable or the time and place are not appropriate, people will be embarrassed to wear.

5. Unconfident figure

When wearing sexy underwear, some women will not be confident because of their own figure and feel that underwear cannot highlight their advantages, but they will expose their shortcomings, so they are embarrassed to wear.

6. Style that is not adaptive

Some women may be attracted by the style, color of sexy underwear, but when they really wear it, they find that this style is not suitable for their own personality and temperament, so she is embarrassed to wear.

7. The sexy degree of sexy underwear is too high

Some sexy underwear is too sexy, including perspective, ultra -short, etc., making women feel too naked and exposed, so I am embarrassed to wear.

8. Stress and uncertainty

Some women may buy sexy underwear, but they dare not wear because of the social pressure and uncertainty of the environment, which is also a common reason.

9. How to solve the problem of incompatible size

To solve the problem of inconsistent size, first of all, we need to understand our body size and read the size measurement guidelines of each brand to ensure that the purchased underwear can fully fit the figure.

10. Find a style that suits you

In order to make yourself more comfortable to wear sexy underwear, you can try different styles of underwear and find the style and color that suits you.

Viewpoint: When women buy sexy underwear, they should pay attention to quality and comfort, wear in a suitable atmosphere, and confidently show their charm.

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